Check out the latest story trailer for Dying Light: The Following

Techland have released another story trailer for its upcoming expansion, Dying Light: The Following.

Titled “A Prophecy Incarnated”, the trailer gives players glimpses of what to expect to see in the expansion as well as setting the tone for the story that players will uncover the further into the game they get.

“Do you believe in prophecies? Are some of us meant for great deeds? Even if you don’t want to believe, you might enjoy the new mystery vibe of Dying Light: The Following.”, states Techland.

“Watch our story trailer and meet some of the new characters you will meet in this brand-new world. Who are they? What role does fate want them to play? The prophecy will be fulfilled on February 9th, 2016. Be ready.”

You can grab Dying Light: The Following on February 9th for PS4, Xbox One and PC and will cost £15.99 or is free if you have purchased the Season Pass for Dying Light.


Dying Light: The Following will launch February 9 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The DLC will cost £15.99 or is included as part of the Season Pass – itself currently only £15.99 at GAME.

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