Anthem Won’t Get PS4 Fix for System Crashing Until Next Week

Anthem has been plagued by crashes since releasing two weeks ago, with PlayStation 4 gamers seemingly being affected the most. There have also been reports of Anthem causing system crashes on Xbox One, although these dwarf in number when compared to the complaints from PS4 owners. Unfortunately, those hoping for a quick solution to the problems will be disappointed as it looks like BioWare won’t be able to release a fix for the crashes until sometime next week.

Earlier this week, EA acknowledged that they were aware of the game causing crashes and were looking into the problem, but their statement seemed to indicate that they were unsure of what the problem was. As a result, they urged those affected to continue to send in crash data reports when they experienced any crashes.

BioWare has since come out and said that they have identified “several causes” for the crashes and that they are preparing to release a patch to solve the problem. The problem is, that patch won’t arrive until next week.

BioWare’s Head of Live Service Chad Robertson posted a tweet to Twitter to confirm that they had identified causes for the crashes and that a patch would be released next week that would fix the issue.

While most people who have experienced system crashes have reported that their PlayStation 4 console worked just fine afterwards, there has been a smaller group of players who have claimed that their console would not turn back on following a crash.

It’s good news that BioWare have found the cause of the problems and a fix is on the way. However, there will be a lot of gamers disappointed that they will have to wait until next week before the patch is rolled out. Given that a number of people have been put off buying or playing the game since these issues came to light, the news of a fix is unlikely to restore the game’s or BioWare’s reputation in the short term.

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