Ubisoft Is Considering Adding Cross-Play Support to Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft has revealed that they are considering adding cross-play support to Rainbow Six: Siege, enabling gamers on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to play together.

While Ubisoft has not officially confirmed that cross-play support will definitely be coming to Rainbow Six: Siege, the shift in views from Microsoft and Sony with regards to cross-play has meant that Ubisoft is now looking at it as a possible feature that they could now actually implement. Even though it’s something Ubisoft has been keen on for some time, it has required the support of both Microsoft and Sony to make happen.

In an interview with Stevivor, Rainbow Six: Siege Executive Producer Xavier Marquis was asked about the potential for players on all platforms to play together when he confirmed that Ubisoft was now considering supporting cross-play

“I’m thinking about it,” Marquis told Stevivor. “I’m really happy because I’m now seeing signs from consoles makers to accept it, and for it to be okay to do cross-play.”

However, he added that Ubisoft is not currently working on adding cross-play functionality to the game, but they are thinking about it.

“Today we are not really working on it,” he added. “We are thinking about it, but nothing is planned.”

Over the last year, several games have embraced cross-play support, including Fortnite and Rocket League. By allowing players from all platforms to play together, it helps to increase the game’s active player base by pooling all players together. It also allows people to play with their friends who may own the game but on a different platform.

With the continued support of Ubisoft, Rainbow Six: Siege has continued to go from strength to strength and is currently one of the most played games in the world, despite releasing in 2015. Adding cross-play support would definitely help Siege to sustain its popularity moving forward.

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