Microsoft Rumoured to Be Acquiring Relic Entertainment

Microsoft has a reputation for acquiring development studios, having purchased five new studios just in the last year. It looks like Microsoft may be about to add another studio to their collection in the form of Relic Entertainment.

Most famous for its Company of Heroes and Warhammer games, Relic Entertainment were founded in 1997 and were owned by THQ between 2004 and 2013. Following THQ’s collapse, the studio was picked up by SEGA, who still currently own Relic.

Microsoft’s rumoured takeover of Relic was hinted at on Twitter by known leaker Klobrille, who correctly predicted that Age of Empires IV would be shown at E3 back in 2016. He tweeted an image that contained the logo of Xbox Game Studios, as well as that of Relic Entertainment’s. Xbox Game Studios is Microsoft’s main division for developing and publishing games. Currently, they reside over thirteen studios, including the likes of Mojang and Rare, as well as recent acquisitions Obisidian and inExile.

While Klobrille didn’t give any more information to support the rumour, it would nonetheless make sense for Microsoft to acquire Relic. After all, Microsoft and Relic already have a working relationship with one another as Microsoft announced in August 2017 that they had partnered up with Relic Entertainment to develop Age of Empires IV. Although SEGA would likely be reluctant to sell Relic, it is rumoured that the Japanese company is in the middle of experiencing financial difficulties, so they may be tempted to relinquish the studio if the money was right.

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