DayZ Is Finally Coming to Xbox One Next Week

DayZ will finally be available to play on Xbox One next week when the zombie survival game makes its way onto Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program.

After years of development, DayZ will be available to purchase on the Xbox Store via the Xbox Game Preview section on August 29th, nearly 5 years since the game first released on PC.

Microsoft announced the news at Gamescom and released a new teaser trailer for DayZ on Xbox One to get players excited for the game’s imminent release. It’s been a long time coming, that’s for sure, with the Xbox One version of the game first being announced in June 2015.

DayZ originally started its days as a mod for Arma II back in 2012 before Bohemia Interactive decided to turn it into its own standalone game which released on Steam’s Early Access in December 2013. Five years later and the game still remains in Early Access, having undergone a number of development changes, including the addition of a brand new engine for the game.

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