New Xbox Elite Controller Rumoured to Release in October

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft will be announcing a new Xbox Elite Controller shortly, which is anticipated to be released this October.

Microsoft released the first version of the Xbox Elite Controller back in 2015 and had initially “totally underestimated” demand for the premium controller. Three years on and Microsoft look set to finally release the second version of the Elite controller.

It’s been expected for some time that a new Xbox Elite Controller would be released; however, the rumours started to pick up when The Verge’s senior Editor, Tom Warren, posted a tweet revealing that “Washburn” was the codename for the new controller. He also added that it would be shipping in October and would cost $149.

The upcoming release of an updated Xbox Elite Controller will be welcomed by many pro-gamers who heaped praise upon the Elite Controller when it first launched, despite many initially being sceptical about how good a job Microsoft could do. It turned out that they could do an excellent job, with demand far exceeding supply. Microsoft will certainly be hoping for a repeat, although hopefully they will be better prepared this time around when it comes to supply. Xbox Elite Controllers were notoriously difficult to get your hands on at launch.

While we’ll have to wait for the official announcement from Microsoft before we know for sure what improvements the second version will include, previous rumours about the controller have indicated that it would include Windows 10 Bluetooth support and contain a built-in battery pack, as well as a USB-C port. Not only that, but it’s likely it will also contain new grips, adjustable thumbstick tension and more useful adjustments for pro-gamers.

With Gamescom 2018 starting on August 21st and PEX West just around the corner on August 31st, there’s a possibility that Microsoft will officially announce the new Xbox Elite Controller at one of these gaming expos.

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