Player Hits World of Warcraft’s New Level Cap Within Five Hours

With another World of Warcraft expansion comes a brand new level cap. Battle for Azeroth raised WoW’s level cap from 110 to 120, and within hours of its release, one dedicated gamer had already hit the maximum level.

The level cap was reached by player Gingi, who is a member of professional eSports organisation Method, in less than five hours. In total, it took Gingi just 4 hours and 17 minutes to get his troll druid, Luigingi, from level 110 to level 120. In his quest to be the first player to reach the new level cap, he was helped by fellow Method members Meeres and Deepshades who weren’t too far behind him in getting their characters both to level 120.

Here’s the moment that Gingi became the first player to reach level 120 in Battle for Azeroth:

These guys aren’t just your average gamers though, which explains why they got to level 120 so quickly. They had actually spent their time in the Battle for Azeroth beta to find the quickest way to level their characters once the full release rolled around. This allowed them to complete quests as quickly as possible in the most efficient manner.

Gingi took to Twitter following his record-breaking session to thank his two mates for helping him reach the level cap. Not only did he become the first player to reach level 120 in WoW’s latest expansion, but he also beat the quickest time to reach the new level cap in any World of Warcraft expansion. That record was held by fellow Method member Fragrance, who managed to go from level 100 to level 110 in the Legion expansion in five hours and 28 minutes.


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