New Overwatch Hero, Wrecking Ball, Announced

The 28th Hero in Overwatch, Wrecking Ball, was announced by Blizzard yesterday. Extra information has been revealed today regarding the character’s weapons, abilities and backstory.

Description of the Hero from the Overwatch website: ‘‘A resourceful tinkerer with remarkable mechanic skills, Wrecking Ball is rolling around the world seeking out his next challenge to overcome.’’

Wrecking Ball’s abilities are as follows:

Quad Cannons
Automatic assault weapons.

Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.

Grappling Claw
Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high speed collisions to damage and knock back enemies.

Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.

Adaptive Shield
Create temporary personal shields. Amount increases with more enemies nearby.

Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.

Continued from the Overwatch site: ‘‘As the sixth tank hero in the Overwatch lineup, Wrecking Ball provides disruption while also being an aggressive bruiser that bullies the enemy’s backline, eliminating vulnerable heroes that are left unguarded. He excels at disrupting enemies’ positioning with his Roll and Piledriver abilities while also posing a serious threat if he’s left alone to train his Quad Cannons on key targets.’’

Watch the Overwatch Lead Developer, Jeff Kaplan, give us the rundown on the new Hero:

If you’re interested in trying out the character before he officially launches, Wrecking Ball is now available to test on the Overwatch PTR (Public Test Realm).

Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit multiplayer first-person shooter. It released in 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The title won the Game of the Year award that year, topping other major releases such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Doom and Titanfall 2.

Be sure to check out our Overwatch review here.

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