New Warframe Trailer Tells Players to ‘Prepare’ for The Sacrifice

[A warning to all newcomers: there are a LOT of spoilers in both this article and the trailer below, and especially a pretty big give-away for one of the game’s later twists. If you’re interested in Warframe and don’t want to be spoiled, I’d advise that you play through the game until completing the latest set of quests.]

Warframe, the free-to-play space ninja and ‘farming’ simulator, has recently received a new trailer for the upcoming content update, rather ominously called ‘The Sacrifice.’

The trailer shows, super-imposed over the image of several Tenno and their Warframes meditating, the journey of the main storyline so far, all the way from the Tenno first awakening up until The War Within. As a fun fact, the Tenno and Warframes shown have an accompanying name and ‘hours played,’ implying the designs of the characters are from actual players’ cosmetic choices.

As a much more worrying fact, the trailer ends with Ballas, a SUPER important character in both the storyline and lore, whispering ‘Forgive me.’ There’s basically no situation where Ballas asking for forgiveness isn’t an EXTREMELY bad sign.

While the trailer doesn’t give away too much, its name and the tone of the trailer is definitely sinister. The update will be arriving in June, at which point players will finally see what exactly they are going to have to sacrifice…

On a related note, while the titular Warframe was absent from the trailer, presumably this will also FINALLY be the event that sees the release of Umbra Excalibur, an intriguing looking Warframe that’s been teased since last year (technically, he’s already out on the Asian servers, but all other regions have only had hints, so far).

In addition, there’s a link at the end of the trailer that can net you a neat decorative item, an Orokin tea set. While it could be nothing, the fact that the promo-code is ‘OLDFRIEND’ and the fact that there are a total of three cups in the item is a little ominous.

Warframe is out now in its free-to-play format for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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