Is a Pokemon Switch Announcement on the Cards?

Will there be a Pokemon Switch announcement soon?

Junichi Masuda,┬álong time producer/director of Pokemon games and member of the Game Freak board of directors, said something at a fan event in Japan that’s led many people to speculate that some kind of announcement for the upcoming Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch is on the cards.

Musada was at a Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon fan event that took place at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo recently. He asked fans in attendance, “Who has a Nintendo Switch?” and encouraged those who do not have one already to get their hands on the latest Nintendo console. While this doesn’t directly confirm an announcement is coming, it does lead us to believe that Mr. Musuda is eager for everyone to be able to play the upcoming title. A lot of fans are taking this as positive news.

Masuda has worked for Game Freak since 1989 and helped produce pretty much every single Pokemon game throughout the franchise’s history. Initially, he worked on the soundtracks for the early titles, the first being Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996 where he was the composer and a programmer. He was the assistant director for Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999, as well as working as the composer and designer. Mr. Musuda’s first game as lead director was Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which launched in 2002.

Pokemon on Switch was confirmed last year at the Nintendo Spotlight at E3. Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of the Pokemon company, announced that Game Freak had begun working on a core RPG Pokemon title for the Switch. It’s planned to release this year in 2018 or later. There hasn’t been much news on the game since it was announced. Some rumors suggest that we will get an update on the title at E3 next month, on the 12-14th of June.

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