H1Z1 Open Beta Arrives on PS4 in May

The developers of H1Z1, Daybreak Game Company, have recently announced that their free-to-play Battle Royale title is releasing on PlayStation 4. The open beta launches on the 22nd of May.

The gameplay in H1Z1 consists of up to 150 different players facing off against each other in a quick-paced, single-elimination fight to the death. Like every game in the Battle Royale genre, the objective is simple: become the last man standing. It’s either kill or be killed.

Players scavenge for weapons, ammo, armor, supplies and other items to use against their opponents in their search for victory. Vehicles also play their role in deciding who survives and who doesn’t. It’s also possible to group with a squad of two or five players if you wish to play cooperatively.

Information on the official H1Z1 website states:

“H1Z1 has been reimagined and built specifically for console. New weapon power progression, faster moving gas, more airdrops and vehicles to push the action. Natural console controls and 60fps on PS4 Pro. No building and no crafting… Nothing but pure BR (Battle Royale) action.”

H1Z1 officially launched as a free-to-play game on the PC in February. However, it has quite a bit of history.

The original H1Z1 was formed of two separate projects in early 2016, H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. The games split from each other as separate projects in October 2017. H1Z1 was dropped from the name: Just Survive, which became its own entity, and King of the Kill simply became H1Z1.

Fortnite is currently the only Battle Royale game available on PlayStation 4, so the arrival of H1Z1 offers a viable alternative for PS4 users. It’s also planned to release on Xbox One in the future.

Registration for the closed beta is now live, so make sure you sign up if you’re eager to try it before the open beta begins in May.

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