PUBG Free-to-Play on Xbox One This Weekend

PUBG has been one of the most popular games on the planet for about a year now on the PC, eclipsing games like DOTA 2. For a while it has been one of the most popular games, only to be mildly stunted by Fortnite. The game has been rolling out new updates and maps over the past few months, like the desert and savage maps.

PUBG will be free to play on Xbox One this weekend (April 19th- 22nd). To access the game, you’ll have to go to the Gold Members featured on the home screen. Or you can just search for the game in the Microsoft Store.

Also, there’s new DLC!

Included with the free weekend is also some brand new DLC. This DLC includes a new cap, long-sleeve shirt, cuffed jeans, and hi-top sneakers to customize your character with. This DLC will be $6:99, and if you choose to buy the game after the trial is over, the DLC will carry over to your game.

For a little background information on what PUBG is, it is a battle royal game where paying attention to every inch of detail in each match is the key to survival and, ultimately, victory. This game takes influences from survival horror games but without having a deadly monster, instead it’s the human players that, in my opinion, are scarier than any AI monster. PUBG also mixes in elements of first-person shooter simulator. This should be a game you check out, even if it’s just for a couple days.

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