Sales of the PS4 console surpass 29 million

The PlayStation 4 has sold over 29 million units since the console was released back in November 2013, Sony has announced in its second quarter financial results.

The total amount of consoles sold is said to be 29.3 million units, current as of September 30, 2015. Sony say that four million units were shipped during the last quarter which was up by over a million units compared to the previous three months.

Compared to the same time period of other consoles, the PlayStation 4 has outperformed all previous modern-day consoles apart from Nintendo’s Wii which managed to sell 34.55 million units during the same time frame. For comparison, the PlayStation 4 has sold 24.99 million units where as the PS3 had sold only 16.6 million units.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it seems that Sony’s PS4 is outperforming the Xbox division across the board. The Xbox 360 was a slow selling console for the same time period however having sold only 13.4 million units while the last we heard regarding Xbox One sales, the figure stood at 10 million units sold. That was current as of November 2014 and considering Microsoft’s price cut of the console, we expect a few million units to have been sold since.

For the remainder of Sony’s financial year, they estimate that a further 10 million PS4s will be sold between now and March 31, 2016, taking the overall total to 17.5 million units sold for this financial year.

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