Football Manager 2018 Announced

With the football season back in full-swing, Sports Interactive has judged it as a good time to announce Football Manager 2018.

Not much is known yet about what we can expect in Football Manager 2018, but Sports Interactive did reveal that the game will be released on November 10th. Sports Interactive added that this will be the first year that Football Manager on PC, Football Manager Touch and Football Manager on iOS and Android will be released on the same day. They added that they will reveal more details about new features and gameplay in late September, so keep an eye out for that.

While Sports Interactive have only given us a release date so far, they have gone ahead and made the game available to pre-order with a few bonuses on offer for those who do.

If you pre-order Football Manager 2018 before October 9th and already own Football Manager 2017, you’ll receive a ‘Contract Extension Bonus’ discount which will grant you 25% off when pre-ordering FM 2018 via Steam or the SEGA Store.

Not only that, but anyone who pre-orders the game “through a SEGA approved retailer” will get access to the game’s fully-playable beta two weeks before the game’s official launch. Progress in the beta will also carry over into the main game come November 10th.

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