Planet Coaster Sells Over One Million Copies

Theme park management game Planet Coaster has sold more than one million copies, developer and publisher Frontier Developments has announced.

Planet Coaster launched on Steam in November 2016 and has been a huge hit with gamers, leading to the game selling more than one million copies in that time. The game currently sits at a very positive rating, with 89% of reviews recommending the game out of more than 12,000 reviews.

Before launching on Steam, Planet Coaster was available to purchase via the game’s website which allowed early access to the game before its Steam launch. It looks like the one million figure takes into account these sales in addition to those made through Steam.

Frontier Developments also revealed that their other popular game that launched in December 2014, Elite: Dangerous, has surpassed 2.75 million sales. That means that the studio has sold just under 4 million units when Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster sales are combined.

As a result of Planet Coaster’s strong sales performance, the price of shares in Frontier Developers also rose by 4.6%, bringing the share price up to 654p.

“We are delighted with the continuing popularity of both Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster. We will continue to release updates that even further enhance our players’ experiences,” said Chief Operations Officer David Walsh.

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