ARK Survival Evolved has sold 2 million copies

ARK Survival Evolved continues to flourish on Steam as the game has sold two million copies since it was unleashed onto Early Access in June, Studio Wildcard has announced. The game had sold 1 million copies within the first month of being available.

The news was revealed on Reddit during an AMA in which Studio WildCard co-founder Jesse Rapczak took part  where he answered questions from the community about ARK Survival Evolved and its future.

Jesse Rapczak started by saying, “We’ve recently launched our game ARK Survival Evolved on Steam’s Early Access and have been blown away by the amount of support we’ve received from fans and the gaming community.”

“As of today, we are currently at two million copies sold!”, Rapczak added.

There are plans to bring ARK Survival Evolved to the PS4 and Xbox One, with the full PC version set to launch and come out of early access next summer when hopefully the console versions will also be released.


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