The Legendary Leeroy Jenkins Video: 12 Years On

Time stands still for no man. When you think back to certain game or movie releases, big news stories and other such events in the past, you often completely misjudge the time period of when an event is. Take for example, The Matrix. A truly wonderful film and definitely a favourite of this humble writer. While I was discussing the film recently with some friends, someone said, ‘I can’t believe it’s nearly 20 years old’. I immediately shot down this remark as nonsense, but then the slow realisation that this was, in fact, true started to creep in, and The Matrix is nearly 20 years old. Same with stories about old house parties, times in school, concerts, everything. Once you stop and think how long ago these events were, it can be quite alarming.

Well, it happened again today when a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook. The post contained one of my favourite viral videos of all time and possibly one of the first viral videos of this meme generation. It is, of course, the legend that is Leeroy Jenkins. I watched the video again for probably the 100th or so time, and I still found myself laughing. That laughing soon stopped when I saw what was actually written in this post. ’12 years today’. Again, my stubbornness took over and I debunked this claim, and I fired up the good old worldwide web to find out just when this video was created. Of course, the post was correct, and I did the obligatory ‘man, 12 years’ disbelief speech.

So, once you get over the fact it has been a dozen years since a legend was born, you can check out the video below. If you have never seen it before, then I implore you to watch internet history. Memes and viral videos are still at the height of popularity, so please check out one of the originals.

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