Make your Cabin feel like home in Euro Truck Simulator 2’s new DLC

Ever looked at your cabin in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and thought that it felt, well, a little empty? Afterall, traveling across Europe hundreds of miles from home makes the heart yearn for home that little bit more. That is about to change with the Cabin Accessories DLC heading to the game which will allow you to customise your cabin and dashboard with a variety of different accessories and items giving you that authentic trucker experience and allowing you to inject some of your personality into your trucks.

The accessories which you can purchase and add to your cab vary from hand-bags and traveling bags laid out on your seats to wobbly hula figures and your very own Churchill (Wobbly Dog Head to those not in the UK!) and anything in between. All items will be physics based meaning they will move about realistically in your cab as you go roaring through the countryside at 50MPH. Watch out for those speed cameras though! Or am I the only one who seems to miss them? Damn.

The Cabin Accessories DLC is expected to land after the 1.21 update which will include improvements to the map, improvements in road and terrain collision detection, AI code optimizations and improvements, some tweaks to physics, UI, sounds, and more.


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