Did Nintendo Just Try Emotional Blackmail on Switch Reviewers?

Nintendo has sent out Nintendo Switch consoles to reviewers ahead of the console’s upcoming launch next month. As part of the package sent to reviewers, Nintendo included several letters from key people at the company to provide some additional information to reviewers. However, in one letter to reviewers by Reggie Fils-Aime, it looks like Nintendo may be trying to emotionally blackmail reviewers.

In the letter Reggie starts off by stating to reviewers that the future of the Nintendo Switch and the success of the console is in their hands. That goes without saying really, as if the Switch receives poor reviews, sales will undoubtedly be impacted negatively. However, is it Nintendo’s place to highlight that to reviewers in what could be seen as an attempt to emotionally blackmail reviewers into providing positive reviews and being less critical of the Switch. After all, who would actually want to be responsible for the Switch failing?

“The future is now in your hands!”, Reggie states at the top of the letter.

“Hardware launches represent special moments in time for us, and I imagine for you as well. They give us the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been before taking a bold new step ahead. With previous hardware releases Nintendo has redefined how people play games,” he continued.

“With Nintendo Switch, we’re not only addressing the “how,” but also the “when” and the “where.” You’ve never been able to experience the power of a home console combined with the portability of a handheld before.”

Here’s the letter sent by Reggie in full, thanks to Eurogamer.


It looks like the phrase “The future is now in your hands” could definitely be open to interpretation. While it could have been meant as a little nudge to reviewers to go easy on the Switch, especially as they’ve just received a free console to review, it could also imply that Nintendo are saying that the future (the Switch) is literally in their hands now. Regardless of Nintendo’s intentions, which might have been totally innocent, hopefully all Switch reviewers will remain impartial and professional when producing their reviewers for the Switch.

Nintendo also included several other letters with their press kits, including one from Nintendo Europe’s president Satoru Shibata who talked about some of the games heading to Switch, including Super Bomberman R and Skyrim.

Nintendo Switch releases worldwide on March 3rd.

Do you think Nintendo’s statement is purely innocent and shouldn’t be read into? Or should Nintendo have avoided making such a comment to reviewers ahead of launch? Let us know your thoughts!

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