Civilization VI Winter Update Now Live, Includes a New Standard Size Earth Map and a New Unit Action

The Civilization VI Winter Update is now live and brings several new features and improvements to the base game, developer Firaxis has announced.

In addition to releasing the Winter Update, two new DLC packs are also available for Civilization VI in the form of the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack and Vikings Scenario pack.

Some of the new additions that have made their way into Civilization VI include the addition of a new standard size Earth map as well as a new “Alert” action for units which allows players to put a unit to sleep until they spot an enemy unit. Firaxis have also made it easier to jump into scenarios from the single player menu. There is also a new replay option to Wonder completion movies.

It’s the gameplay balance and tweaks, however, that have seen the most attention. The Winter Update now allows religious units to fortify a position until they are healed. If you enjoy coastal raiding, this one is for you, as you can pillage districts in addition to the buildings within them now, although Great Admirals can no longer spawn on wonders that are in water tiles so they can no longer become stranded.

There’s a number of other changes and improvements made to Civilization VI in the Winter Update. You can check out the full changelog here.

The two new DLC packs are also available to purchase right now and cost $4.99 each. The Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack adds the Polish as a playable civilization and brings their leader Jadwiga into the game. Jadwiga was an expert mediator, champion of Catholicism and protected the poor, according to the blog post. In addition to making Poland a playable civilization, several new scenarios focusing on Poland are also included.

The Vikings Scenario pack brings the Vikings into the game in the form of the “Vikings, Traders and Raiders!” scenario which is the most detailed scenario released for Civilization VI to date.

You can grab Civilization VI on PC right now if you haven’t picked it up already.

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