Elite: Dangerous Coming to PS4 Summer 2017

Frontier Developments have announced that Elite: Dangerous is finally coming to PS4. The space trading and combat simulation, which was the first game in the much-revered Elite series for 20 years, began life as a very successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. After a prolonged alpha and beta phase open only to backers, it officially launched on PC back in December 2014. Since then it has been ported to both Mac and Xbox One, and is now currently halfway through the paid-for “Horizons” season of expansions, which introduced planetary landings amongst other things.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Elite: Dangerous is set in a procedurally-generated Milky Way that contains some 400 billion star systems based on real data taken from star catalogues and stellar density maps. Essentially an MMO, it takes place within a shared and persistent online sandbox with no set objectives for the player. Elite: Dangerous is all about flying your ship, creating your own journey and setting your own goals. Commanders can choose to be a trader, bounty hunter, smuggler, psychopath, professional assassin, courier, mercenary, miner, pirate, explorer or just a jack of all trades. It’s also possible to encounter and dogfight other players in space and to form wings with friends in order to work together and share rewards.

The PS4 version is set to launch sometime in summer 2017 and will comprise the full game including the aforementioned Horizons DLC. You can read nerd-god and Frontier CEO David Braben’s announcement here, and watch the Ps4 trailer below.

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