Respawn Entertainment “Don’t Know” If They Will Make Titanfall 3

Titanfall 2 launched to positive reviews but suffered from poor sales, failing to outsell the original Titanfall game despite launching on the PlayStation 4 this time around. EA have insisted that they plan on sticking by and supporting the Titanfall franchise; however, developer Respawn Entertainment have stated that they “don’t know” if they will make “Titanfall 3”.

Speaking to Glixel, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella stated that despite being a critical success, the studio aren’t sure what the future holds for the franchise.

“We don’t know yet,” Zampella said. “[Titanfall 2] is, critically, a huge success. We’re really happy with all the reviews and the positive sentiment. Sales, it’s too early to tell.”

“We’d definitely like to tell more of the story and the universe. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll explore more of it. EA might have announced more.”

At this point in the interview, an EA publicist joined in the discussion adding that “What we’ve said is we’re committed to the franchise.”

“So, whatever the f**k that means,” added Zampella.

Reading through the interview, you get a sense that Zampella may not be entirely satisfied with EA’s involvement in Titanfall 2‘s launch. He admitted that he would preferred for Titanfall 2 to release in its own window without being sandwiched between some of this year’s biggest games such as Batttlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, although he acknowledged that he knew Titanfall 2 was always going to be going up against those two games.

“Would I rather have this window to myself? Well, of course. I’m not foolish. I’m not foolish that way, anyway. In other ways, probably,” Zampella said.

Not only did Zampella stop just short of criticising EA’s decision to release Titanfall 2 when they did, he also raised concerns that EA may have been more focused on the launch of Battlefield 1 than Titanfall 2.

“It’s always a concern [that they’ll put more of their muscle behind the games they own]. That’s what I’ll say. Especially when you have two games on top of each other.”

If you’re interested in reading more from Zampella, it’s well worth checking out Glixel’s interview here where Zampella sheds some light on his split from Infinity Ward, as well as what it’s like going up against one of the franchises he helped to build in Call of Duty.


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