Details on Infinite Warfare Prestige

We are fast approaching the release of Infinity Ward’s latest entry in the Call of Duty series.

Infinity Ward’s multiplayer Project Director, Jordan Hirsh, recently spoke with PlayStation Lifestyle and shared some details of what we can expect from the multiplayer.

Jordan also spoke about Infinity Ward’s prestige system and said the following;

The Prestige system as it stands is pretty similar to what players have seen in the past and experienced. So as you Prestige you’ll unlock a Prestige token, and be able to bring over with you one item that would normally be gated via your player rank. Maximum Prestige right now that we’re planning is 10. That’s subject to change based on how things go in the future. We can adjust our experience curve, and we want that experience to be good for pretty much everybody.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available on the 4th of November, with a remastered version of Modern Warfare available as a download if you buy the Legacy editon

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