New Age of Empires Game for Xbox One Hinted at by Microsoft?

It’s been ages since we’ve heard any news regarding one of Microsoft’s most popular franchises, Age of Empires. In fact, it’s been over a decade since Age of Empires III was released, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the series from hoping that a new Age of Empires game will one day see the light of day.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope that something is in the pipelines thanks to a tweet by Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra. He tweeted a picture of an elephant statue, which is relevant as elephants are a popular unit within the game. At first glance, it might just seem that he is reminiscing about Age of Empires and decided to tweet about the statue that reminded him of the game. Except that he added the hastag, Xbox, at the end.

Could this tweet suggest that not only will there be a new Age of Empires game in the future, but that it will also be making its way onto Xbox One? If this is the case, we have no idea whether or not it will be a completely new entry in the series or if a remastered Age of Empires will be released on Xbox One.

PC gamers got a remastered version Age of Empires II a few years ago, so it wouldn’t seem impossible that Microsoft have plans to release the game on Xbox One as well. If that is what this tweet suggests, it’s probably not exactly the kind of news PC fans of the series would be hoping for with a totally new game definitely being what gamers want the most.

If you’re an Age of Empires fan and own an Xbox One, however, this news is probably a lot more significant and interesting.

Will it be Age of Empires IV or a remastered Age of Empires game heading to Xbox One? Let us know what you think!

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