Will You Be Playing the Battlefield 1 Open Beta? It Begins August 31st

DICE have announced the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will begin August 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin™, and PlayStation®4.

Players who sign up as a Battlefield Insider and choose their platform before August 21st will be eligible to receive early access to the Open Beta.

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta will feature two franchise favorite modes – Conquest and Rush – on the new Sinai Desert map. Playable with up to 64 players, this map includes a new controllable Armored Train behemoth, ridable horses, and three new Elite Classes – Sentry, Flame Trooper, and Tank Hunter.

Since the unveiling of Battlefield 1 in May, fans have been clamoring for a taste of the all-out-war experience that the backdrop of World War I provides. Bring a horse to a tank fight or rain down machine gun fire on enemy positions with the heavily armored Sentry.

Witness the birth of all-out war when Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st, 2016 worldwide on Xbox One, Origin for PC, and PlayStation 4.

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