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In 2014 the incredible retro themed, crowd funded Shovel Knight was initially released on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U before being released everywhere else in 2015. Now two years later the team over at Yacht Club Games are releasing their second additional campaign where we can play as the Specter Knight.

The first additional campaign allowed us to play as the Plague Knight, who along with the Specter Knight were bosses in the original game.

Shovel Knight was met by universal critical acclaim,with Gaming Respawn’s own Kane giving the game a 90%.

I have also left the best part of this new campaign until last. It is 100% totally free. That’s right, free. So if you haven’t picked up Shovel Knight, firstly shame on you but now is the best time to get it and get lost in retro 2D side scrolling heaven.

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