OSRS Pickpocketing Guide

Learn the most efficient way to pickpocket and how to get great XP per hour and good profits.

Thieving is one of the fastest skills in Old School RuneScape. This means that you will gain a lot of XP fast with most of the thieving skilling methods. While some methods are meant to give you more OSRS GP, most thieving training methods bring you a generous amount of XP for your OSRS accounts for sale.

Is Pickpocketing A Great Way to Earn Gold?

Pickpocketing is especially handy when gaining OSRS GP, and quite a few thieving money-making methods revolve around Pickpocketing. For example, you could earn over 2 mil OSRS gold per hour by pickpocketing Elves, almost 2 mil by pickpocketing Vyres, or almost 1 mil by pickpocketing master farmers for the rare seeds and HAM members and doing the easy clue scrolls they drop.

As sweet as the income from Pickpocketing can be, there are a few considerations to take before you start pickpocketing to get the most out of it.

Rogue’s Outfit

Before pickpocketing, you should get a Rogue’s outfit. This is one of the skilling outfits in RuneScape, but instead of granting you an XP bonus like many other skilling outfits, it will give you up to a 100 percent chance when wearing the full costume to get double loot. This can be huge, especially when comparing the amount of gold you can make using the top-tier methods because wearing the complete outfit will always get double loot. Thieving is not even that profitable without it. Given that it is relatively easy to obtain, you must absolutely go for it as

soon as you get to 50 Thieving and 50 Agility, even though the higher your levels, the higher your chance to obtain it faster and easier.

How to Get the Rogue’s Outfit

To get the outfit, you must play the Rogue’s Den minigame which you can access as soon as you get to level 50 Thieving and 50 Agility. The game is under Burthrope, and you need to unequip all your items before entering the maze. You should take one dose of stamina potion and consume it right before entering to ensure your run energy lasts for the duration of the maze. You don’t have to walk since you cannot bring any items in and therefore cannot wear your graceful outfit.

Inside the maze, you must navigate various obstacles and disarm various traps. Failing Some of them will slow you down while failing other more dangerous traps will end your attempt, and you’ll have to start it over. At the very end of the maze, you’ll need to open a safe. You can fail and only get the XP as a reward from your run, or succeed, in the case in which you will get both the XP and either a pretty useless rogue kit that you can turn into a tinderbox, rope, spade or chisel, or a Rogue’s equipment chest.

Dodgy Necklace

The dodgy necklace is a convenient item when it comes to pickpocketing. This item will not increase your chance at a successful steal, but instead, it gives you a 25 percent to not get stunned and damaged when failing, making it for faster XP rates and more profits per hour. This item has ten charges; one gets consumed each time the necklace gives you its protective effects.

Ardougne Diary

The medium and hard tiers of the Ardougne diary are especially useful when it comes to pickpocketing since their rewards will directly influence your pickpocketing success rate. Completing various tiers of the Ardougne diary will also allow you to carry more coin pouches that you’ll get when pickpocketing Ardougne Knights.

With the medium diary, you’ll be able to hold 56 pouches before opening them, the hard one will set the limit at 84, and the elite one will allow for a maximum of 140 coin pouches. This alone significantly alters the focus needed for the, by far, most popular thieving training method: pickpocketing Ardougne knights. You can trap an Ardougne knight in the northeast house near the Ardougne Market, where his movements will be limited.

If you set the camera behind the bar, you can pickpocket him by clicking in the same spot. You can click-click or tap-tap on your screen while reading or watching something with little to no focus needed.

With the medium diary, you will be able to hold a maximum of 26 pouches, so for every 26 pouches, you will need to click your inventory and open the pouches to get the OSRS gold out. The medium diary will give you a 10 percent increased chance when pickpocketing in Ardougne, and the hard diary will extend this boost to the whole Gielinor. A ten percent increased chance means you will fail less often and gain more XP and OSRS GP per hour. Also, suppose you plan on pickpocketing the Master farmer near the Ardougne farm. In that case, you should know that only the hard diary affects the chances of successfully pickpocketing him as he is not considered inside Ardougne.

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