Lost Ark Artist Overview

Learn the Art of Combat with the Artist.

Lost Ark has a robust class system. Players can choose 5 roles, each with several subclasses. Coming this March 15, a new choice will go live, the Artist under Specialist class. What are their strengths and abilities? How can you use them to farm Lost Ark gold or battle bosses? Here we’ll discuss everything we know about this upcoming class.

Unique Mechanics

The Artist has a Harmony Gauge, which consists of three Harmony Orbs. It gets filled up as she hits foes, and she has two skills that use the orbs and doesn’t have cooldowns:

● Moonfall (2 Orbs): The Artist slams down on the ground dealing damage and buffing the Outgoing Damage of allies within 24 meters.

● Sunrise (1 Orb): Summons a Sun Marble at a location within 10m of the Artist. It heals nearby allies. Three can be summoned at once, and its duration is 1 minute.


These boost various abilities. Full Bloom increases the amount the Artist can heal with Sunrise. Recurrence is more of an offensive buff, but it affects both of the above skills. It increases the Critical Hit Rate and Damage of allies when the two identity skills are used.

For both engravings, the higher the level, the higher the bonuses are.


The Artist uses a paintbrush in combat. It’s an unusual weapon, but you can’t deny it fits her well. The animations for her abilities have an inky quality to them, much like a traditional ink painting from the East. There are two kinds: Stroke and Paint.

Stroke (these skills are prefaced with ‘Stroke:’)

Ink Shower: The Artist concentrates their power into their brush and releases it in a destructive wave.

Sprinkle: Similar to the above, the character gathers energy into their brush and releases it in a cone-shaped area (up to 9m away) before them.

Hopper: This makes the Artist ride the brush like a pogo stick, hopping 6 meters away. Upon landing, it damages enemies nearby and knocks them down. It can be used 3 times in a row.

One Stroke: The character channels dimensional energy, unleashing it into a powerful stroke that reaches as far as 12 meters away. Damages enemies in its path and knocks them down.

Upward Stroke: The Artist lunges 2m forward in a chosen direction and draws a large circle that launches enemies upward. It can be used twice in a row.

Paint (these skills are prefaced with ‘Paint:’)

Inkrise: Creates an ink swamp in an area. Deals damage to enemies caught in it and reduces their movement speed.

Butterfly Dream: Draw butterflies and orchids that deal damage to enemies up to 8 meters in front of you. You can use it again immediately to double your damage output.

Drawing Orchids: Unrolls an Artist’s Scroll that’s 14 meters long. It pushes back enemies it encounters and then deals damage over time.

Pouncing Tiger: Creates a tiger that pounces at the targets, knocking them down and dealing damage.

Moonsketch: Draws a sketch on the ground that explodes, launching enemies into the air and dealing damage.

Starry Night: Changes the space around the Artist with dimensional power. The area damages targets within a 6m radius 5 times.

Door of Illusion: The Artist paints a portal that can teleport allies up to 32 meters away. However, you can only draw one 12 meters away from you. The door lasts 10 seconds, and friends will have a damage-absorbing shield for 6 seconds if they go through it.

Ink Well – Makes the character leap and smash their brush onto the ground. It creates a pool of ink when landing, dealing damage to targets in 12 hits, and explodes when it expires, launching enemies into the air.

Sun Well: Summons an Artist’s Scroll in a target area. It lasts 4 seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. Upon cast, it instantly replenishes allies’ MP partially.

Crane Wing: Summons a crane that flies out to attack enemies.

Sunsketch: The Artist gathers dimensional energy into their brush, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Also increases allies’ Incoming Damage if they’re in range.

As you can see from the descriptions, Artists have some utility mixed in their skills with various buffs and debuffs.

Awakening Skills

These skills are the most powerful ones in the Artist’s arsenal.

Masterwork: Spectacle – Creates an 8-meter wide Artist’s Scroll and starts drawing. She draws 5 times, each dealing damage to enemies in range and launching them into the air. Those that get hit also have their critical resistance and movement speed reduced.

Masterwork: Efflorescence – Summons a whirlwind of petals, letting the Artist levitate among them. Deals damage to foes within 24 meters and grants shields to allies. Also grants 2 Harmony Orbs upon cast.

Progression Events

With the release of the Artist, some progression events will become available to let it catch up to your other characters. Be careful about the Story Progression because you can only set one character Lost Ark account. There’s also an Engraving Support System that comes with the Hyper Express Plus event.

That’s all for the Artist! Let’s look forward to March 15, when she becomes available to play for adventurers in Lost Ark.

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