How to Prepare for an eSports Gaming Event

Whether you’re in the know or on the peripheral, the eSport industry has boomed over the past decade. Put simply, eSporting refers to multiplayer video games that can be played competitively. Popular examples of popular eSport games include League of Legends and Super Smash Bros.

Many of those who take part in eSports gaming events are considered professionals and the community has drawn in more and more spectators over the years, both in person and virtually. Debates about where the industry is heading is on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

If you’re wanting to organise an eSports gaming event any time soon, here’s how you can prepare for the big day.


A Booming Sector

According to reports, revenue in the eSports market is expected to reach US$50.13 million in 2023 alone. Not only has the community grown massively, but the profitability and opportunity for growth has reached new heights, with fans itching to get stuck into new events and technology that will enrich their eSporting experience.


Bigger and Better Events Requiring More Guidelines

As the community has grown, so too have eSporting events. With large growth comes an increasing need to moderate health and safety measures on behalf of spectators and athletes. Make sure you choose the right venue so that it can comfortably house everybody. Emergency exits should also be made clear.

Some professionals can spend as long as 12 hours a day playing a game, which can prompt the likes of fatigue or issues with vision, however there are no official eSports guidelines to follow yet. Ensure you bear this in mind and schedule breaks and refreshments for the participants.

On the flip side, promote the good that comes out of eSporting, such as socialisation in between games. Perhaps you can form breakout areas for people to mingle in? Something else that should be considered is the encouragement of diversity across players, by creating a safe space for male, female and non-binary players. This can be emphasised when marketing the event.


Providing All the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential, given how heavily the event relies on it. You’ll need to think about everything from PCs and monitors to extension leads and cable reels to ensure that everything can be powered efficiently. Make sure you consider the fact that some players may want to bring their own equipment. Consider whether you want to stream the event and work out what equipment you’ll need for this.


Begin Small and Work Your Way Up

Start by hosting a more intimate event so that you can get a feel for any areas that could be improved. You can seek feedback from both athletes and participants. Take inspiration from other eSporting events to see what others have done well and incorporate these into your own event.

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