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Thursday 18th June, EA Play Live was streamed across the globe, bringing us the latest and greatest that EA has to offer. CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson opened up the stream with a powerful speech with regards to all that has happened over the last few months.

He praised thanks to not only the emergency services that dealt with the horrendous Bush fires in Australia back in February, but he also praised the many frontline workers that are helping to deal with everyone afflicted by Covid-19. And a big thank you to us, the players, for coming together during these trying times and being there for each other when some of us may not have anyone else to turn too.


Andrew also states that EA will be taking a stand against racism and racial injustice, and it will be a long term commitment. EA will also be taking action against abuse in gaming, regardless of colour, background, religion or personal preference, by making fun, inclusive and positive places to play and are committed to bringing more diversity to their games

Without further ado as there was quite a bit to take note of during the stream, here is a brief overview of everything from Thursday. From new updates to new releases.

Let’s get started.


First, over to Apex Legends with a new Season 5 update. Not only will it bring new game modes, but Apex is officially coming to Steam and will be ported over to the Nintendo switch. And if that wasn’t enough, EA has added cross-play to the game. Apex isn’t the only game coming to Steam, with both The Sims 4 and the remastered Command & Conquer joining the gang, with The Sims 4 now having added cross-play as well.

Two new games join the EA Originals party: Lost in Random from Zoink and It Takes Two from Hazelight are both set to release in 2021. Now for something new from the gang at Final Strike Games, Rocket Arena, a new 3vs3 shooter with a twist: the only weapons you have are rocket launchers.

The game will feature Fortnite-esque style graphics, full customisation and 100 levels of progression to help refine your playstyle. Rocket Arena will have cross-play from launch on July 14th and is set to release on Origins, Steam, Xbox and PS4.


One to watch…

Star Wars: Squadrons also makes an appearance. Set for release on 10th October, Squadrons brings a really nostalgic feel from its arcade predecessors. With a single-player campaign, you get to create two different characters, one as part of the Imperial Army and one as part of the Rebels. As well as the obvious multiplayer with two different modes that we know of, you also get the choice of 8 different ships with full customisation. Dog fight pits your own team of 5 against another in battle, and Fleet battles featuring 5vs5 over multiple stages put your teamwork to the test. Along with having cross-play, Squadrons is also fully VR compatible, bringing even more depth to the game.


And Finally 

And with a brief look at some of the gameplay and for both FIFA 21 and Madden 21, we also caught a glimpse of what could possibly be Battlefield 6 and what it will look like on next-gen consoles. The final minute of the stream (and what I personally felt was a bit lacklustre) is what really and truly got my motor running.

After 10 years since the last edition of this game came out, WE ARE FINALLY GETTING SKATE 4! Although it is still in early development with no sign of a rough date for release, I genuinely cannot contain my excitement.

What did you all think of EA Play Live? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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