Gaming Respawn Kane’s Rap Battles Sony Vs Microsoft

Sony Vs Microsoft

Gaming Respawn presents Kane’s Rap Battles. All in the spirit of friendly banter. This is the place were rival companies and our gaming heroes will battle head to head in a 2 round rap battle that’s related with the games industry of course.

For our first Rap Battle Sony and Microsoft go toe to toe to try to settle their fiery rivalry.


 Rap Battle Commenter

Sony decide to go first, This is going to be insane yo.

Verse 1 – Sony

(Look) We out here getting that Yin Yen money,

Got the game on lock since 1994,

We own Japan, you aren’t allowed up in here,

Got the game on lock since 1994,

(Yo look) You the new boys on the block, but no one in the games industry really trust or like you,

Even gave yo ass a head start on the Xbox 360, then we came back and killed you,

So don’t bother making a next-gen console, or we’ll have to find that dead body and then bury you,

We sell dreams to our fans, coz we know they always come back for more,

Make them suckers pay high for retro games, that they’ve already paid for,

Do you think you could get away with doing the same?

Nah, so don’t get it twisted, just look what happened back at E3 2013, you can’t manipulate your fan base like us,

Why? Coz we got the game on lock since 1994.

Rap Battle Commenter

Well just in case you forgot, apparently Sony have the game on lock since 1994

How will Microsoft respond?

Verse 2 – Microsoft

(Uh, Uh, Ok) We came, we saw, we conquered,

We took the games industry hostage and still had them begging for more,

We’re the Apple of the games industry, we all bout that greed, hunger and power,

Why bother tricking our fan base? when we can bully and force them in submission,

Stop reminiscing about the good ole days when you was on top, the PS1 and PS2 era is dead and gone,

Quit looking back into the past, this ain’t no throwback Thursday,

So much money made off XBL we don’t know what to do with it,

So if we really cared about Japan we’d just purchase that fan friendly company called Nintendo, their lack of E3 lately is getting concerning,

When we first joined the industry we showed you nothing but respect,

So why all the constant hate? Are you so mad coz Killzone can’t match Halo?


Rap Battle Commenter

A very cheap dig at Nintendo their, but Microsoft came out strong,

throwing shots at Sony’s reliance on its retro games and completely dissed Killzone as a franchise

Verse 3 – Sony

You’re a joke of a company, you’ll never have a legacy like ours,

Your ship is sinking your fans are jumping, don’t worry we’ll keep them afloat, we’ll be the ones they worship now,

The Indies too they be switching sides,

Your greed, hunger and power drove them down our lane,

Your lack of first party studios is embarrassing, you can’t rely on Halo, Gears and Forza forever,

Your weak presence in Japan shows a lack of ambition, and the fact is you don’t know what you’re doing,

So get out now while you still can,

Wave that white flag for us all to see,

And never set foot on our sacred soil again.


Rap Battle Commenter

Sony is mocking Microsoft here hard, and sent Microsoft a warning shot,

will they bow down and step off of Japanese soil?

I think not!


Verse 4 – Microsoft

Why are you so scared of a little competitive competition?

Always on the defensive popping off at your opposition,

Only popping we do is of those champagne bottles,

We entered the games industry coz you trying to ruin it,

We do things our own way that’s what makes us different,

You copy others ideas then act like you invented,

The messages you send to your fans make no sense!

Greatness awaits? Your fans still waiting!

For the players? More like in it for yourself,

You can keep Japan, coz the rest of the world will be ours.

Rap Battle Commenter



Lyrics done by myself Kane Newell.


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I feel embarrassed for both of us. For me because I read this trash and for you because you actually posted it after you proofed it.

Hvd January 4, 2016 at 04:48

id rather at least see a

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