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We all know that video games (mostly) do not come cheap anymore. That is the price (sorry, could not help myself) we have to deal with in order to experience the sheer quality of games in the modern age. To some, it is a modest increase compared to some ten years ago, to others, they simply cannot afford the price hike. Even if the price of modern games doesn’t concern you, it is always nice to find a bargain, right? I mean, why pay £/$60 when you can pay, say, £/$45. I was always taught by my mother to find a bargain whenever I can, so I am always on the lookout for ways to achieve that.

Clients like Steam are a godsend. They always seem to have a decent sale on, and if you want a game but don’t want to pay full price, simply stick it on your wishlist and wait for an email from Steam to say the price has been reduced. That is all well and good if you have a PC though, but what about consoles? Well, again, all the consoles now seem to follow the Steam model and have sales quite regularly. Again, all well and good if you are patient. What about finding a deal right now for a brand new released game? Well, there are sites for that, such as GameGator.

Compare 4705 games and over 22795 prices with 30 stores

That’s the claim made on the homepage of GameGator, which is a nicely laid out price comparison website. At the moment they are only comparing prices for PC, Mac, and Xbox One games. It would be good to have Nintendo Switch and PS4 games added as the comparisons can end up saving you a decent amount of cash. Far Cry New Dawn, for example, is £35.99 on Amazon. A quick trip to GameGator shows you can pick it up for £21.34. Now, one slight issue here. It is listed at £21.34 at the cheapest, but while I Googled the price for Far Cry New Dawn for this article, I actually found it for £19.99 on CD Keys. That site is an option on GameGator’s comparison, but it is listed at £22.79. When you click on the link to go to CD Keys, the price does drop to £19.99. It is a bit frustrating that the price wasn’t updated on the Game Gator website.

Brand new games added to GameGator are listed on the homepage, but there is a search option if you want to try and find something that is a couple months old; Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a title I used, for example. GameGator showed me I could get it for £24.95, not a bad price at all. The catch? It is from a site I have never heard of, and judging by the reviews left by previous customers, it is a site I will not be using. You do have the option of browsing the titles they have compared, but there doesn’t seem to be any logical order to how they are listed, and you cannot set any filters to help you find a particular genre.

Overall, GameGator is a tidy, well-presented website that has a good start to life. Not only does it list price comparisons, but there are also some news articles to check out. There seem to be a few issues; prices not updated, the exclusion of Switch and PS4 games, and using sites that have an awful overall review. If you are in need of a bargain, Game Gator could provide you with a decent deal, or you could simply just Google it yourself.

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