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Fantasy Flight Games and the Birth of ‘Unique’ Gaming

As pretty much any tabletop gaming fan will tell you, legacy is a pretty popular term in gaming. Legacy games have taken over the top of the Board Game Geek ‘top games’ list for years now, and a lot of players have become huge fans of the unique features that only legacy games can give us. It is impossible to deny the fact that legacy games have had a huge impact on the tabletop industry, and it looks like Fantasy Flight Games are getting ready to take the concept that one step further.

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Recently, FFG announced ‘Discover: Lands Unknown‘, a survival and exploration game set in an unknown land (go figure). The game is touted as being a totally unique game. Every single copy that is sent out is going to be different from every other copy in existence, which is a hell of an undertaking. As more and more copies are sold, and let’s face it, FFG are not a company known for their small print runs, it is going to be more and more likely that someone eventually gets a copy that’s the same as someone else’s.

Quite obviously, this doesn’t really matter too much. The main point is that every copy you get a chance to play with will be different from any other copies that you’ve played with up until that point. Until the game actually comes out, there is no real way of knowing how different each copy is actually going to be. It is entirely possible that all the differences are cosmetic, but regardless, this is shaping up to be another shake-up in the world of tabletop gaming.

So keep your eyes peeled, people! Very soon, indeed, we could be seeing ‘unique games’ cropping up on Kickstarter or on the new release catalogues of your favourite distributors. Whether or not this is a good thing hinges very much on how you feel about the whole affair. On one hand, it is a really cool idea that you’ll be getting something totally unique that no one else has access to; on the other hand, it will probably annoy a fair number of collectors who want to try everything that a certain game has to offer. Which camp do you fall into ? Let us know below!


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