Have You Played… Mario Party 4?

For the rest of December, I will be trying to recommend a game that is perfect to play with friends or family members for the holidays. Sometimes it is better to take a break from all the solo video game adventures and play a few multiplayer games to enjoy with company. Some of these may actually end up driving you guys apart though… Today’s recommendation is Mario Party 4.

Mario Party games are notorious for “ruining friendships” and they live up to that. There are so many Mario Party titles to choose from but I decided to go with Mario Party 4 for today. Mario Party 4 was the first Mario Party game released on the Gamecube. Three more would follow and even more would be made for the Wii and Wii U. Mario Party 10 was released this year for the Wii U and unfortunately I have not played it yet. Lately, Mario Party games have lost their charm; what made the Gamecube games so great are now absent in the newer titles. So, if you want a great Party experience, you should definitely start with number four.

One of the many fun mini-games found in Mario Party 4

Released in 2002(time flies doesn’t it?), Mario Party 4 played very much like the first three games that released on the Nintendo 64. You can play as one of eight characters from the Mario universe and go around a themed board to try to collect the most stars by the end of an amount of turns. Turns consist of hitting a die and moving around the board, trying to get to the star before anyone else does. Stars usually cost 20 coins so you have to make sure you have enough to be able to buy one. Gaining coins is mostly done by playing mini-games. Mini-games, in my opinion are what make Mario Party games so fun.

Mario Party 4 has around 60 mini-games. These will be the highlight of your fun with the game. Playing mini-games with other people rather than the AI is the way to play Mario Party. Fighting over who wins and who loses is a Mario Party tradition and is the only way to play the game. When you do play Mario Party 4 or any of the 10 currently out there, make sure to ruin some friendships along the way.

Make sure to keep tuning in for the rest of the month for more multiplayer games for your holiday.




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