LawBreakers Class Guide to Roles, Weapons & Abilities

LawBreakers is the latest fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter to hit the market and it brings some fresh ideas and gameplay concepts to the table. LawBreakers is a class-based shooter though with a number of classes, roles, abilities and weapons in-game to master. Therefore, it can be a rather daunting task to master the game if you’re new to the genre or unsure what role is best for you. To help you out, here’s our guide to LawBreaker’s classes and everything you need to know about each one.

LawBreakers currently has four game modes that pit two teams of five against one another as you fight to capture and hold a number of different objectives. Games are incredibly fast-paced, so it’s crucial that your team works together and is balanced; otherwise, you will quickly find yourself outplayed and outmanoeuvred. The four games are Uplink, Blitzball, Turf War and Overcharge.

Uplink requires both teams to fight for control of the Uplink and return it to their team base so that you can download its data. Blitzball, on the other hand, requires both teams to fight for possession of the EURO ball; however, once one team has it, they must take it to the enemy’s base to score a point. Turf War is a race to lock three zones that are located throughout the map with the team reaching the score limit first winning. Finally, Overcharge requires each team to bring a battery back to their base and charge it all the way to 100%. There’s a twist, however, if the enemy team manages to steal your battery, the battery keeps its charge, meaning that you could have helped them charge it up quicker if you fail to get it back in time.

In LawBreakers, each class is known as a role, of which there are 9 in total. Each class has two characters, one for the Law side and one for the Breakers. Each class comes with three abilities and different weapons, so it’s important to know what’s what before jumping in. As LawBreakers gameplay is so fast, it’s best to go in prepared.

 The nine classes in LawBreakers are:

LawBreakers Assassin Class

The Assassin class is best suited for those players who excel in close-quarters-combat and love moving around the battlefield gracefully. Assassins are deadly when engaging in combat close up thanks to their Arc Blades, which also act as a grapple hook allowing them to leap around the map with ease. The Assassin is one of the fastest and most mobile classes in LawBreakers, so speed and the element of surprise are the keys to success for any Assassin.


The two characters in the Assassin class are Kitsune (Breaker) and Hellion (Law).


Arc Blades
These machetes are the Assassin’s main weapon and are able to deal a lot of damage to enemies, especially when engaging in close-quarters combat. Not only are they deadly at slashing enemies, but the Arc Blades also contain a grapple which allow the Assassin to swing around the map.

This energy shotgun acts as the Asassin’s secondary weapon and is ideal when too far away from your enemy to use the Arc Blades. The Romerus also has different firing modes, such as burst fire and a charged shot.

This ability is one of the Assassin’s most deadly, as when triggered it will reveal where all enemies are on the map. During this period, the Assassin will deal higher damage and can also life steal.

When activated, Dash allows Assassins to quickly strafe and move in any direction at high speeds. Perfect for getting out of danger or ambushing an enemy.

Flux Blast
A quick-fire grenade that will displace both enemies and projectiles once thrown.

LawBreakers Battle Medic Class

If you enjoy playing support roles, few come close to being as important as the Medic. A good Medic can often be the difference between victory or defeat. With a range of abilities to help heal teammates, the Medic is incredibly important. However, thanks to the deadly grenade launcher and energy pistol, the Battle Medic can also have an impact on the battlefield in a fighting capacity.


Battle Medic

The two characters in the Battle Medic class are Feng (Breaker) and Tokki (Law).


The Battle Medic’s main weapon is the Lobber, a grenade launcher capable of firing impact grenades or bouncing grenades depending on the firing mode.

If the grenade launching isn’t going to cut it, switching to the Firefly may be enough to save the Battle Medic’s life thanks to this deadly burst fire energy pistol.

Defense Grid
This ultimate ability allows the Battle Medic to spawn a protective dome that shields and heals team mates while also protecting them from incoming projectiles. The Defense Grid will also blast nearby enemies back when first deployed.

Support Drones
When multiple teammates are in need of healing, deploying support drones will gradually heal two teammates at the same time.

The Hoverpack comes with thrusters which allow the Battle Medic to hover and fly around the map, perfect for reaching those high up places.

LawBreakers Enforcer Class

The Enforce packs a lot of punch. With their rocket launcher, assault rifle and shock pistol, this is the perfect class for those who like to get stuck right into the action from the get-go. This class is well rounded for various situations, and its ability-disabling EMP grenades can really help turn the tide of a battle.



The two characters in the Enforcer class are Kintaro (Breaker) and Axel (Law)


The Aerator is the Enforcer’s automatic assault rifle capable of delivering a fast rate of fire, ideal for suppressing enemies and, of course, dealing high amounts of damage.

If you end up in close-quarters-combat and need to quickly switch to your sidearm, the Badger is a pistol that fires a small burst of electricity capable of shocking enemies. Perfect for getting our of tight spots.

Bloodhound Launcher
A rocket launcher that locks onto enemies and fires homing rockets. Not much else needs to be said really, does it?

Electromag Charge
If you need to stop enemies from activiating their own abilities, the Electromag Charge is what you need. An EMP grenade thrown at enemies that disables their abilities is all it takes.

Distortion Field
When activated, the Distortion Field will boost movement, rate of fire and reload speeds for both the Enforcer and teammates who are within the vicinity.

LawBreakers Gunslinger Class

The Gunslinger is all about precision and accuracy, although this class also has the ability to muster up some serious firepower thanks to being able to simultaneously wield both of its weapons at the same time. That’s not all the Gunslinger is good for as this class can be perfect for breaking enemy lines and getting behind them thanks to the teleport ability. The tactical knife can also help reveal hidden enemy positions.



The two characters in the Gunslinger class are Faust (Breaker) and Abaddon (Law).


The gunslinger’s main weapon is the Alpha, a three-shot burst fire pistol that can 3D print its own ammo. It can be fired at the same time as the Gunslinger’s secondary weapon.

If you’re looking for accuracy and high damage, the Omega ticks all the right boxes. Although only a single-shot pistol, the shot can be charged for increased damage and can be fired alongside the Alpha.

Need more firepower? The Gunslinger’s ultimate ability delivers exactly that. When activated, a barrage of bullets from both weapons will be unleashed onto enemies.

A tactical blade that is used as a close-range weapon. Not that surprising, is it? Except that’s not all it can do. The Tac-knife can also be used for scouting as when it deals damage to an enemy, it reveals any enemies who are close by.

The Warp ability allows players to teleport forward a short-distance, perfect for outwitting opponents in one-on-one duels.

LawBreakers Harrier Class

The Harrier class loves lasers, and that’s because they’re the perfect weapon to use to keep dealing sustained damage to enemies over a period of time. When combined with other classes, a Harrier’s contribution in a battle cannot be underestimated. Not only can they deal huge amounts of damage, but Harriers are also able to save the day by allowing nearby teammates to heal and refuel.



The two characters in the Harrier class are Baron (Breaker) and Sunshine (Law).


Harrier’s primary weapon is a long-range persistent laser beam rifle that deals constant damage when hitting a target. The laser rifle can also tag enemies which means they will receive additional damage when hit by teammates.

This ultimate ability deals A LOT of damage to enemies who happen to be close by. When activated, a high-powered laser beam shoots out of Harrier’s core, wreaking havoc on anyone who happens to be in its way.

If an injection of health or fuel is needed for Harriers or their teammates, they can activate a deployable health and fuel station.

Harriers’ Raycaster ability allows them to move in any direction thanks to their laser propulsion boots which also deal damage to anyone who is caught in their blast.

LawBreakers Juggernaut Class

The Juggernaut plays very similar role to a tank, capable of withstanding a lot of damage while also able to deal large amounts of damage themselves thanks to the pump-action shotgun and its armor protocol ability. Juggernauts are also best placed to help get a team close to objectives or enemies thanks to their deployable energy shield.



The two characters in the Juggernaut class are Nash (Breaker) and Aegis (Law).


The Juggernaut’s primary gun is the pump-action shotgun, perfect for dealing a tonne of damage at close to medium range.

If things get a bit too close for the shotgun, then the Juggernaut’s close quarter bayonette should do the trick as it deals large amounts of damage with each swing.

Armor Protocol
Activating Juggernaut’s ultimate ability will give the player extra armour, boosting their protection as well as increasing their rate of fire.

The Holo-deflector is a temporary shield wall that deflects any incoming damage and prevents enemies from getting too close.

Allows players to sprint faster and is able to spring players into the air. However, if activated again while in the air, Juggernauts will slam back down, damaging any enemies below in the process.

LawBreakers Titan Class

Titan is the perfect class to get in and behind enemies’ defensive positions thanks to Titan’s ability to pulverize enemies through brute force. A rocket launcher that deals both splash and direct damage is great at flushing enemies out. However, Titan’s real strength lies in their ability to take down multiple enemies at once, although they are just as capable of dispatching enemies one at a time. A great team class.



The two characters in the Titan class are Cronos (Breaker) and Bomchelle (Law).


Hammerhead Launcher
A rocket launcher that deals both splash and direct damage to enemies. It also has an alternate fire mode that allows Titans to detonate rockets mid-air.

Titan’s secondary weapon is a lightning gun that can chain to multiple enemies at once and deals damage over time.

The ultimate ability for Titan is the Berserk which shoots lightning from your hands that deals increased damage to enemies and gives your health a good buff.

Neutron Mine
Titan’s Neutron Mine is a proximity mine that slows down enemies who happen to stumble upon on it, making them easy pickings for you or a teammate.

Through Pulverize, Titans can do an electric leap into an area and thus deal damage on impact.

LawBreakers Vanguard Class

Vanguard is a class that is just as effective as raining hell down onto enemies from above as it is firing lead at them with the gatling gun back on the ground. Where Vanguard really excels though is movement, with players using this class being able to move across the map quickly and effectively thanks to Vanguard’s afterburners, making it a perfect class for capturing objectives and rushing enemy position. Once in position, the gatling gun can be a formidable weapon to come up against.



The two characters in the Vanguard class are Toska-9 (Breaker) and Maverick (Law).


A gatling gun that provides a deadly rate of fire. However, Vanguard’s primary weapon gets more accurate the longer you fire, making it truly deadly once on a roll.

A gatling gun is great for most things, but close-quarters combat is probably not one of them. Therefore, Vanguard’s Pulsar ability is a godsend when up close to the enemy as it sends a fuel blast towards enemies that pushes them back and inflicts damage.

This ultimate ability allows Vanguard to be launched high into the sky and dive-bomb towards a target, dealing a large amount of damage on impact.

Meteor Shells
Vanguard also comes packed with five cluster grenades, perfect for flushing out enemies.

When activated, Vanguards’ Afterburners allow them to fly around the map with ease for a short period of time.

LawBreakers Wraith Class

Wraith is probably one of the most difficult classes to learn how to play, but it can also be one of the most deadly. Wraith specialises in all out attack, with a fully automatic pistol in one hand an explosive knife in the other. Wraiths’ high mobility allowing them to leap off walls as well slide through enemies makes them tricky opponents to pin down.




The two characters in the Wraith class are Helix (Breaker) and Deadlock (Law).


Wraith’s primary weapon is a full-auto machine pistol.

Wraith’s secondary weapon is a sharp sword that dashes Wraith forward with each attack.

Chrono Switch

This ultimate ability allows Wraith to shoot a beam of energy that alters the projection of time waves, therefore temporarily slowing enemies down.

A blade that can be ejected and detonated when shot. Perfect for ambushing enemies as they run past!

Depending on what direction you’re going, the slide ability will either make Wraith perform a forward slide kick or a backward evasive measure.




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