My Destiny Theories

When destiny first came out there was a huge shock when the mental picture most of us had created of the game were not what the game actually was. This followed a lot of disappointment but the addictive nature of the game meant we forgot and forgave.

It was uncovered last month that there was a huge re-write of the story before the games release, which suggested it was more than the minimal plot we ended up getting. Now I expect the reason for this was to make destiny the goliath they wanted. The lack of story in the game gives the players a greater incentive to read the Grimoire explaining major parts of the history and story. Now in theory this is a good idea as it get players more involved with the game as they are not being fed the story and are actively seeking out more information. However, they didn’t account for the laziness of many players or even the players who just don’t care. After this I would expect Bungie will give more story through the game and only use Grimoire to bolster your knowledge, like a normal game.


Then there’s the other bits that feel like they were removed, like the space ships being more than a loading screen. Removing a lot of content is annoying, yet it is brilliant. We have already been given some of these things, like a third sub-class and ghost shells, which were clearly always going to be there. It’s highly likely there will be a drip feed of this stuff with latter DLC or main games. The reason this makes sense is the fact this is a 10 year project, if they went guns blazing with everything making this a ground-breaking game, what could they add to make people go crazy for Destiny 2. By the time the last Destiny comes out, well the last of this 10 year cycle at least, there is a high chance we will have moved to the next generation. So the amazing ideas they might have will complement the new systems; whereas on the current gen of consoles it might be awful or flat out not work.

Don’t worry this is not just theories on what they have done, I will offer you some story theories, well I say some I mean one. Maybe it’s my inability to extract Halo from Bungie, but I feel like the Elites, I mean Fallen will align with the guardians with Cabal also joining the alliance. House of Wolves you fool! So there was an alliance originally and now it’s broken with only Variks staying loyal. Though that is where the early hints of an alliance is, if he can create his own house and succeed in his aims to make the Fallen an honourable, great race, others would start to join. All it would take is a great threat to the whole of life and a huge alliance would be needed. If there was a threat that was potentially cataclysmic, maybe something to do with the traveller, then it would make sense the Cabal would to join an alliance too, as they are just running away from something. Then again whatever this is it must be big to make them run, so that could possibly be what would form an alliance. If the Fallen did join the ranks of the guardians they could potentially become a race choice to play as.


As for the solar system, obviously we are going to have more planets with Destiny 2. So I would expect we would move to Mercury, properly, and Saturn. Osiris looks to be based on Mercury so he could be a major part of the next major title. The Nine are also a mystery at this point, so we may find their home. I would expect eventually we would move out of our solar system but not too much. The only trouble is, what will happen to this Destiny when the second title comes out. To keep everything they would have to double the size of this game, then so on until it would be a colossal use of space. Does this mean once we go to the next game all of this will be redundant, we’ve seen how they are willing to disregard their old gear when add-ons come out. Will all our missions on the planets disappear, with only new ones or just patrol being available? The most plausible action would be to keep things like the strikes and raids, add new/better gear then put them in a random playlist.

One other problem with Destiny 2 is that of new comers. If you start from the second game and everything was removed, there would need to be more spark of lights or else level 1s would start off against level 40+ enemies. Not only that but if they get improved character customisability, like the game really needs, then this would need to be somehow offered to everyone. A major part of RPG’s is choosing what your character looks like, but at the moment most people look the same, and very few actually look good. They updated the looks of some NPC so why can’t we get upgrades too. They could offer a onetime change for people who have already made guardians, changing everything apart from race and gender. They could even have a hairdressers in the Tower, similar to GTA 5, so characters can continue to have control over their look.


The Sleeper Simulant was released a couple of days ago, and this could be a sign of things to come. To keep their idea of a world that players want to keep going back to, adding content on a regular basis is a near necessity. I would assume this is Bungie experimenting with how players react to this. Seeing as the excitement around the Sleeper Simulant had huge hype, it bodes well. The weekly update from Bungie even stated they were looking into the reactions from fans about this quest and are taking their feedback to try and improve future similar quests. Obviously we shall start to see more of these, with Bungie already claiming there will be more exotic weapons added through the year. Who knows with later titles they maybe a major part of the game series, which I think will be a nice addition, especially if they get inventive with them. Adding normal quests on a biweekly basis would be a nice addition too, something to keep the game fresh constantly.

There are also rumour circulating that from Destiny 2 DLC will be free, and only the equivalent of the Taken King expansion pack would be paid for. This is great news, as not only does it show a positive move against the overpriced DLC we always see, especially with Destiny. But we would be getting more content added to the game, helping their desire to have a world that players keep coming back too. All we have to hope is that they aren’t small like the Dark Below.

It’s given that Destiny will continue to get bigger and better, and in theory it will end up being the game we thought it would be initially.

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