Kane’s Character Bio of the Week: #Issue 2 – Nathan Drake

Welcome to this weeks Character Bio #Issue 2. Todays character up for review is. The ladies man who could charm he’s way out of any dangerous situation or dilemma.  He’s a jack the lad kind of guy, the life and soul of any party and did I mention very good with the ladies? It’s of course Mr Nathan Drake. Its only fitting with the Uncharted Collection that comes with three amazing games, that will be coming out this week, we talk about Drake in great detail, so now I present to you Nathan Drake!.

Character Bio

  • Name: Nathan “Nate” Drake
  • Age: In Uncharted 4 he’ll be either 38 or 39
  • First Gaming Appearance: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3 2007)
  • Weapon of Choice: 92FS Handgun
  • Personality: Loveable Idiot, Charismatic, Adrenaline Junky and Cocky
  • Most Likely Job in the Real World: A Stunt Man, Daredevil
  • Favourite Musician: Drizzle Drake the Rapper
  • Love Interest: Elena Fisher
  • Rival: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
  • Role Model: Victor Sullivan (Sully) and Indiana Jones

Character Analysis

Mr Nathan Drake set the foundation for himself  in 2007 with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on PS3, but it wasn’t until Drakes second outing in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves when he really came into he’s own. Not only setting the bar at the time with Uncharted 2 which many consider the best in the series currently, but he instantly became one of the best characters to come out on last gen consoles, and further solidifying this with another fantastic performance in Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception where we got to dive into Drakes past as a 15 year old kid. With Uncharted 4 coming out next year and with a sub-title called A Thief’s End. Could this be Nathan Drake’s last adventure? and will we see a darker tone to the game and Drakes character? or will it be light hearted and full of banter shown in the trailer.

Drake has been through it all in he’s days as a fortune hunter, and when he looks back on he’s life he’ll have many stories to tell just as he’s mentor and best pal Sully. Drake take the words YOLO a bit to literally because a day that goes by and you haven’t faced death multiple times, is a day wasted. some of Drake’s most iconic craziest moments are, when Drake goes toe to toe with a helicopter in a building, tons of destruction, chaos and confusion, another crazy moment is when Drake goes flying out of a cargo plane with no parachute this set piece is breath taking. Even as a kid Drake was getting himself in all kinds of trouble with a crazy roof top chase out from something you’d usually see in the movies. Last but not least the most iconic and memorable set piece in the Uncharted series, is the tutorial level in Uncharted 2, the game opens up with Drake badly injured inside a derailed train hanging on the edge of a mountain, suddenly the train starts shaking and you feel its only a matter of time before Drake meets he’s end.

Drake by nature is a loveable guy full of wit and charm, he’s relationship with Sully is very important to the Uncharted series and the games wouldn’t feel the same if they wasn’t together. Drake is very sarcastic and makes light of almost every situation, getting himself into more trouble then necessary, but it’s very funny watching him try to charm he’s way out of trouble when getting in way over he’s head. But is Drake a good or bad guy? after all he is a cold hearted killer, with no sense of remorse for the people he kills and all the blood he has on he’s hands. Maybe Drake’s past will finally catch up to him in the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Check back next week for another character bio.

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