Unboxing Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Advent Pieces Limited Edition

For those Final Fantasy VII fans who are waiting for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and for those gamers not interested in the Nintendo Switch, you can save your money. Assuming you don’t already own it or haven’t heard about it, there is a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children limited edition called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Advent Pieces Limited. The cheapest price you could find for one of these special editions is $300.

This limited edition has only been released in Japan, and it includes a number of goodies for the buck in a massive box. The box itself is too big to be shipped in another box, so ours was just wrapped with bubble wrap and the shipping label. However, the box does have a handle on it, which makes moving it easy as it’s not that heavy even with everything inside.

The contents are as follows:

  • Cloud and Fenrir motorbike figure set
  • Original cap and original t-shirt
  • Special numbered keyholder
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD (Japanese NTSC Region 2)
  • Bonus DVD including many special contents
  • Final Fantasy VII International Limited Edition PlayStation game in a limited edition box.

One of the reasons why we wanted to get this special edition was because of the Cloud and Fenrir motorbike figure. The quality on both is amazing and looks beautiful to have in a collector’s cabinet. The Cloud figure comes with a stand, but it can stand well on its own without it.

The collectable hat comes inside a tin, which isn’t sealed in anyway, unlike the shirt that comes sealed in plastic. If you are a collector, you would do well to keep it sealed. And just like the shirt, there is a sealed, numbered metal keychain, which is another neat collector’s item in this box for any Final Fantasy VII lover. Another nice collector’s item is the replica of a voice recording script. This book is fantastic, not just to look through, but to look at too. Now, since this is the Japanese limited edition, it’s, of course, in Japanese, so if you can understand, it, you’ll be able to enjoy it a lot more.

Now, for what this box is really about, the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, which is a Japanese NTSC Region 2 DVD, and it has a transparent DVD case with front and back inserts. The bonus DVD that includes many special contents is also slapped in a transparent DVD case; however, it doesn’t have any inserts.

The last item in this special edition is Final Fantasy VII: International Limited Edition, the PlayStation One game that comes in a limited edition box with all three discs, and inside the box is a nice transparent display stand for the games. The box is a nice display piece. It’s great that this contains the Japanese version of the game, so if you were like us and didn’t own the imported version of the game, well now you do. The disc art looks beautiful, and it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite one. Besides the games that come in the limited edition box, there is another one that is sealed, and if you turn it over, there is the fourth disc that is the perfect guide for Final Fantasy VII.

This Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Advent Pieces Limited is a great addition for any Final Fantasy VII collector (who has the money). We are very happy with this purchase and having it as part of our gaming collection, even though we’ll be keeping the sealed items sealed for obvious reasons. You can watch the unboxing video for this special edition down below.


Are there certain collector’s items or special editions you need to have to complete a certain collection? Or is there a collection you already have that you are proud to own? Let us know.

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