5 Current Kickstarter Games to Consider Backing

Looking for an interesting project to back on Kickstarter? I’ve combed the depths of the projects pages and have come up with 5 current games to keep on the radar. While nothing is ever guaranteed on Kickstarter, it still can be a great place to get in on the ground floor and help with the development of a game that otherwise would not get made. It’s certainly not a platform for every gamer out there. As long as you are reasonable in your expectations and a bit patient with delivery, it can be a great resource of new games. So, without further ado, here we go.

Ending Soon:  

Beard Blade – With only 4 days left Beard Blade needs some help if it is to be realized. Just remember, most of the Kickstarter pledges are made at the very beginning and the very end of campaigns, so while it may look bleak right now, things can change in a hurry. Also important to remember is that if something is unsuccessful, you aren’t on the hook for your pledge. While the majority of retro games of late have taken more of the SNES feel, Beard Blade is more reminiscent of something found on the Sega Genesis. I’ve had my eye on this game for some time, and I’m actually a bit shocked it hasn’t garnered more support. But act fast, time is running out. (Demo available)

Beard Blade is an action-packed 2D platformer for PC and Mac inspired by 16-bit legends! Play as the gallant Branson a.k.a. “Beard Blade” as he strives to reclaim the town’s stolen goods and uncover the truth behind a dark secret. His weapon of choice? An enchanted beard teeming with powerful magic that allows him to shape-shift his stubble to overcome hairy situations. The enemies are tough, but so is your scruff!

ANTRAXX – With only 6 days left this is another that can use a push. If you are a fan of this genre of games, this is worth a look as well. Another bonus is the game has been greenlit on Steam. But enough from me, I’ll let ANTRAXX do the talking: “Re-live the SNES Battletech era with a next generation online mech shooter inspired by the likes of Front Mission and Metal Slug.” (Demo Available).

Countless generations ago, mankind unleashed a devastating plague upon itself. Technology was developed to the point of perfection, wars were won in days and fought with squadrons of giant, piloted mechs. Nations grew greedy, their thirst for land and power was never quenched and almost all of Earth’s resources were diminished.

After generations of war, desperate for a resolve and each side too arrogant for a peace treaty, they began to research a type of weapon that no amount of armour or firepower could save the fragile human body from. Wave after wave of biological weapons were released – thousands of species extinct, the air left un-breathable, cities vacant and what was left of humanity had to live underground in bunkers. Any trace of government slowly dissolved, morals tossed aside for resources, land and weaponry.

Many factions spawned as a result, humanity divided yet all living for the same purpose – to survive. Stuck in a perpetual war, will mankind exterminate themselves or find peace? You decide.

Still Plenty of Time:

Northern Regime: 1862 – The survival game genre is something we’ve seen a lot of recently. For those of you who enjoy survival games, I’ve got just the project for you. “Northern Regime is a dynamic survival game based in the era of 1862 in the cold frigid and mountainous lands of Dakota. ” No zombies or dinosaurs, just survival in a very real setting of the frontier on the frozen lands of the Dakotas. This title has already gotten the greenlight on Steam, and with 21 days to go and a low ask price will most likely succeed with continued support.


Northern Regime is a unique, dynamic, and real world hardcore survival game. We are setting out to change people’s opinions on the survival game genre. Our goal is to create a dynamic world where every decision the player makes directly affects the ecosystem and the way he/she is viewed in the world

Legends of the Brawl – With an interesting cast of characters and some multiplayer mayhem, what’s not to love about the concept here? Seriously though, look at that cast of characters. With 20 days left go, there is still plenty of time to meet their goal. The project is also currently on Steam Greenlight.

Legends of the Brawl is a 4 player co-op 3D action brawler, featuring quick play missions & shenanigans.

Combining the best parts of over the top action platformers and co-op mission games, Legends of the Brawl is a new take on multiplayer mayhem.

Grab some friends and jump into a fast blast of beating up baddies, collecting loot and occasionally punching your friends. Take out bosses to claim their powers, upgrade your legends, and create new play strategies as you grow your collection of gear and abilities.

Varied mission objectives keep gameplay fresh as you join the greatest legends of the 20th century to battle Rasputin’s nightmares all over the world.


  • Fast, fun and extremely replayable 4 player co-op action
    Because gaming is best with your friends. So is trolling.
  • Super Mario 3D World meets Heroes of the Storm
    Classic 90s platformer feel, modern team objective based gameplay.
  • Fight as iconic 20th century legends
    Teddy Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Lizzie Borden, HP Lovecraft & many more will join the ranks.
  • Strategic hero loadouts with persistent progression
    Level up your heroes over multiple play sessions to access more abilities and craft the perfect build for your play style.
  • Unlock boss powers, craft & collect artifacts
    Power up your heroes to prepare for what awaits…
  • Cthulhu, gothic nightmares, and steampunk collide
    It’s a mess of tentacles, fangs, and gears in a stylized early 20th century.


Many games have influenced the design, but a few we keep referring to include Super Smash Bros., Ratchet & Clank, Powerstone, and Overwatch. These games are near and dear to our hearts, well polished, and tons of fun with friends.

Already Funded:

Lost Ember – If you’re looking for a safe bet, then look no further than Lost Ember. Already garnering over 2x their original goal and 19 days left to go, you can at least guarantee this project will be successful. Just one look at the teaser trailer and you can see why.


In Lost Ember you uncover the secrets of a fallen civilization as a wolf that has to find his place in the world. With the ability to control every animal you see, you have everything you need to find your way to Machu Kila – the city that shall answer all the questions that your mysterious companion raises.

So there you have it. If you’re a frequent backer on Kickstarter or never backed yet, your time is now. With your help, hopefully we’ll get to see some of these great games sometime in the near future.

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