Kane’s Top 10 All Time Favourite Games

Hello everyone at Gaming Respawn welcome to my personal top 10 favourite games, the platform I first played the game on and a brief summary! This list is in order of lowest to highest.

Honourable mention 11. Runescape (PC) – I have a lot to owe to Runescape, while it wasn’t the first game I played it’s definitely the game that’s had the biggest impact on me, and the reason I still game today. Runescape is a F2P MMO by Jagex and at its peak it was one of the best MMOs out there. I’ve easily spent 1000s of hours on Runescape, and every minute was enjoyable. The community was fantastic and the game helped me grow and mature when I was in my young teens. When I look back on my time as a gamer, Runescape will be up there first as one of the games I remember and loved.

10. State of Decay (PC) This is a funny game to have on your top ten list. Because it looks and runs like crap, it’s broken and buggy and has many flaws but with that being said the game is FUN and that for me is what gaming is about, having fun above everything else. It’s The Walking Dead mixed with base building and killing zombies has never been so much fun. Being the leader of your own group during a zombie apocalypse is something a lot of us have imagined and pictured in our head. And in State of Decay I got to get my Rick Grimes on and kick some zombie ass, One of my favourite things about State of Decay is that it helps if you have a wild imagination and give your own back story to characters you come across and fill in other blanks over the course of the game, a throw back to a lot of older games when using your imagination to get the best out of a game was necessary.


9. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) – My first and only Zelda game. As a kid I didn’t know what this game was about. And I’m not sure how I ever finished it because the game is very challenging and the puzzles are fantastic. And switching between different world’s which unlocked different paths was genius. It’s criminal that I’ve not played any other games in the series. I’m not even sure which game to start with now and I’m worried that I will pick a game I dislike and it will tarnish my good memories of A Link to the Past.


8. Pokemon Gold (GBA) – As a 90s kid, who hasn’t seen or played some form of Pokemon? For the many games, to the TV shows, movies and even an addicting trading card game. You really did have to catch them all! Gold is my personal favourite because it was my first Pokemon game and I got my starter Pokemon LVL 100! Ahhh good times when I wanted to grow up to become a Pokémon master for real!


7. Uncharted 2 (PS3) Uncharted 2 is the gaming equivalent to a Hollywood multi million blockbuster action movie! This game is all about the fast action, quick gunplay and the amazing set pieces one after another. The game is a dream to look at and play and will keep you entertained for the 8hr-12hr rollercoaster. Drake is a ladies man who’s funny, witty and loud mouthed smart ass that gets himself into all kinds of trouble.




6. Skyrim (PS3) – Being a console gamer all my life I have missed out on many great titles. I had never heard of the Elder Scrolls series until the hype of Skyrim and the hype was huge! I didn’t understand and wondered to myself, how come I’ve never tried any game in the series and what’s the big deal. I bought the game purely on the hype alone and the fact that I like RPGS. I put the disc in and 10 straight hours later I had to turn it off before my eyes melted. I have three different characters, and Skyrim now holds the title for longest time spent on a single game other than an MMO. Over 250 hours and still stuff to do yet that is nothing compared to other gamers. Skyrim is simply unfinishable.


5. Fallout 3 (PS3) – This is one of the games I wish I spent more time with the first time around, Going around finding all the locations, characters and finishing all the side quests. The game is a masterpiece with brilliant writing, humour, lots to see and do and a fine cool combat system called V.A.T.S. The game isn’t without its faults however. It’s very buggy and broken, frame rate gets choppy and audio cuts out. So beware to be frustrated, save often! The game is full of great moments to, walking out the vault for the first time and being blinded by the sun, getting shot at by your first raiders and running for dear life to finding your first companion or your very own Dogmeat.


4. Mass Effect 2 (PS3) – Commander Shepherd for me is the greatest gaming hero there ever will be! Which says a lot for the series and how good of a team Bioware are. Having played this multiple times, Once with Male Paragon Shepherd and twice with Female Renegade Shepherd. For me the best way to experience the fantastic trilogy is through the eyes of a Renegade Fem Shep. She’s strong, cold and a loyal dedicated soldier that will get the job done regardless of the consequences. The trilogy ended up disappointing a lot of players and fans that invested a lot of time and effort over the years to be sold out short with how things end. But it’s about the journey not the destination. And my trip over the course of 3 games were fantastic and memorable.




3. The Last of Us (PS3) –  This game was a great send off for the PS3, while the PS3 isn’t dead just yet, there won’t be much if any huge AAA exclusives for it. And it showcases how good Naughty Dog are as developers. Ellie and Joel will go down as one of the best unlike duos in gaming. The game is action focused one minute with brutal action and death around each corner. There are violent and disturbing scenes throughout the game. And the next moment it’s a slow-paced and more about the storyline, with great character interaction and building. Once you’ve finished you feel as of your been on the long journey yourself.


2. Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) – FF8 yes that’s right 8!! I play this game once every year and it’s hard to say what I like about it most. The charming ladies man Squall and his gang, the beautiful crafted music and sound. The engaging combat or the fantastic story and futuristic setting. This game holds a special place in my heart for being my first Final Fantasy game and the game still holds up to this day. Hurry up Square! And make a FF7 remake so you can remake FF8 after!!


1. Persona 4 (PS2) – My favourite game of all time, I’m of course talking about Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, a niche little title that came out on the PS2 during the PS3 era in 2008. But thanks to good word of mouth because the game delivered everything a JRPG fan could ask for and more.Trying to write a short summary about this game would be doing it a huge disservice, so to honour it i will have to write a full review at some point. This is one of the finest games ever made and Persona 5 has a lot to live up to. The game either clicks with you or it doesn’t there’s no in-between. If your played Persona 4 and enjoyed it well done you are very fortunate to play such a gem of a game.





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D.G.M. July 30, 2015 at 17:12

That’s a nice list of games there Kane. I’ve played several of those games myself and enjoyed them. It was refreshing to find out I’m not the only one who hasn’t played a bunch of Zelda games (to this day I’ve only played Ocarina of Time and about twenty minutes of Majora’s Mask).
I also was pleasantly surprised to see someone list FF VIII as their favorite FF game instead of FF VII like everyone else does. FF VIII is the only FF game I’ve played as well, and to this day I still haven’t beaten it (Adel always kills me in the fourth disc). I haven’t played the game in years but I still have it, so someday I may go back and attempt to beat it once and for all 😉

Kane July 30, 2015 at 20:34

Thanks man! Hopefully I get to read your top 10 sometime. Yeah the Zelda I played was amazing but I have no desire to try the others right now. And FF VIII over VII all day everyday. FF VII just wasn’t for me. Haha the key to beating FF VIII is drawing lots of Ultima and other powerful spell and using the junction system to your advantage.

Jorge Godinez July 30, 2015 at 21:00

Great list Kane but I disapprove of your limited Zelda XD. We will need to fix that as soon as we can. Final Fantasy VIII was actually the first Final Fantasy I ever touched but I never actually finished it. As of now I am playing Final Fantasy IX with only 13 hours of gameplay…. ugh I have a long way to go. I also have a Final Fantasy in my top 10 list of games but lets just say it is kind of an unpopular choice. P.S Loved the inclusion of a Pokemon game. What do you mean you “wanted” to become a Pokemon Master for real, I still do and plan to even to this day. To conclude, you kind of made me want to write one of these lists.

Kane July 30, 2015 at 22:18

Lol please recommend me my next Zelda game. There are so many to pick from. It’s good to know FF VIII is getting some love. FF1 very surprising interesting choice. Haha ? I would give up every to become a Pokemon master sadly doesn’t seem like their are any pokemon on this region =P. Yes please do would love to see more top ten lists so I can compare everyone’s likes and dislikes

Jorge Godinez July 30, 2015 at 22:41

Actually the Final Fantasy in my list is XIII. I recently finished it and I loved it. A lot of people hate it but I loved the whole experience. For your next Zelda game you can either choose Ocarina of Time or A Link Between Worlds. A Link Between Worlds uses the same world from a Link To The Past so you would be pretty familiar with it. On the other hand, Ocarina of Time is my favorite and is one of the most popular Zelda games. I guess I have to start on my list now, lol.

Jalai D. August 23, 2015 at 13:38

My personal Top 10 would have to be not necessarily in order 1. FF8 2.FFX 3.Pokemon Yellow 4. GTA San Andreas 5.Dragon Age Inquisition 6. Blue Dragon 7.NBA 2K15 8. Mass Effect 3 9. Mega Man Battle Network 3 10. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Honorable Mention COD Modern Warfare 2(despise COD now)

not looking to be criticized lol just a great article made me think of mine and wanted to express it

Rai June 22, 2016 at 20:51

I have the same topage 3 games just switched around.


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