Prison Architect Gets Worldwide Console Release Date

Prison Architect will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on June 28, Introversion Software has announced.

You can pre-order Prison Architect for console right now and by doing so, you’ll receive the All Day and a Night DLC pack for free which contains eight additional maps, plots, and wardens. The DLC will be made available separately at a later date for $9.99.

Prison Architect allows players to build and manage their very own maximum security prison, as well as take their creations online and share them with the world. Players can then manage other people’s prisons they have built. The console version of Prison Architect will include three game-modes – Story, Prison Warden Mode, and World of Wardens.

The story mode is your campaign which introduces you to the mechanics of Prison Architect, as well as giving you a deeper insight into some of the inmates you will be responsible for locking up. Prison Warden mode, meanwhile, allows you to take control of one of many pre-built prisons, letting you to jump right into the action quicker. Finally, World of Wardens allows you to share your prisons online for others to download and play, as well as allowing you to download other prisons to manage.

Prison Architect released on Steam Early Access in early 2013 and was an instant hit with gamers. Regular updates and fixes released by developer Introversion Software saw its popularity grow as one of few Early Access games done right before its full release in October 2015. Since being released, the PC version of Prison Architect has sold over 1.25 million copies, generating over $19 million for Introversion Software.

The console port of the game is being managed by Double Eleven.

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