Could The Division get a new city for players to explore in future DLC?

It looks as if Ubisoft may be considering the possibility of adding a new city into its looter-shooter The Division following a recent survey they posted. The survey is rather in-depth and takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, but one of the questions asked whether or not players would like to see a new city in The Division.

The survey comes in two parts, with the first part taking about 10 minutes to complete and asks general gaming related questions such as your gender and what games you play. The second part of the survey is the more interesting section and takes 20 minutes to complete. It’s here where Ubisoft want to know what players want from future DLCs and where the game should go in the future. You can still part in the survey if you wish by clicking here.

One of the questions asks, “Where should Tom Clancy’s The Division bring you in the future?”. Players can choose from options including exploring new areas of New York and choosing to visit a different time period, but it’s interesting to see that Ubisoft also added an option for players to select a new city.

The whole lore of The Division is centered around New York but it would definitely be exciting to explore another city that has been infected by the virus. New areas to explore of New York seems like the most likely thing to happen, but a new city could be potentially added if Ubisoft released a big expansion or The Division 2 in the future.

Would you like The Division to explore a new city? If so, where would you like the game to take you?

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