The Division Under Fire Again With New Issues

The Division is under yet more troubles today after its recent patch missed out the Daily Challenge mode, Developers Ubisoft made a statement on there Twitter account explaining it will be back tomorrow, Here’s the following statement:

“We are aware of the missing Daily Challenge mode. While we won’t be able to fix it today, we can confirm that it will be back tomorrow”


The latest patch brings into play numerous new mechanics including, Falcon Lost Incursion, Trading, New Gear sets and Supply drops in the Dark Zone. Check out the new update here!

There has been reports of issues for people trying to play the new Incursion and that some can’t play it at all. The Division commented again on Twitter saying if you still having trouble playing the new Incursion to try logging off and back on, although some users are still commenting saying the problem still persists afterwards.

There have been multiple issues this week for The Division, which also include Xbox One Characters being deleted. Daily Missions were also unavailable over the weekend, and were supposed to be fixed after Tuesday’s update but don’t seem to have been.

Stay Tuned for more updates!

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