All Future Forza Games will be Released on PC, Microsoft has announced

At Microsoft’s Build Conference in San Francisco, Turn 10 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt announced that all future Forza games will be released on Xbox One and PC via Windows 10, therefore bringing the series to Windows for the first time in its history.

Forza 6 Apex, a free-to-play version of Forza 6, launches later this spring and will be the first game in the Forza series to come to PC with every entry in the series afterwards also being released on the PC as well as the Xbox One. The decision to bring the Forza series to the Windows is a big step for Microsoft who are keen to increase their market-share on the PC.

“Moving forward, all of our games are going to be shipping on Windows 10 and Xbox,” Greenawalt said announced. “The Universal Windows Platform is great for the game developers and gamers alike. It’s going to become even more powerful as a way of delivering amazing experiences across all of the devices in the Windows ecosystem.”

Greenawalt also stated that Forza Apex will aim to be a “proof point” of what developers will be able to achieve by using Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform which allows developers to make games which can be played on any Windows 10 devices, with the biggest focus for game developers being the PC.

In addition to announcing that Forza will be heading to the PC, Turn 10 also revealed that Forza Apex will run at 60FPS and will be able to support 4K resolution for those who have powerful enough setups.

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