Free copy of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault will be available on Origin

EA has announced that it will be giving away a free copy of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault  on Origin.

The WW2 shooter, which released back in 2004 for PC and throws players into the Pacific Campaign as a US Marine, will be made available as part of EA’s ‘On The House’ section on Origin however EA have yet to reveal when they will make Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault available on the platform. Currently, you can grab the game for £7.99.

Unlike EA Access, where players must pay a small monthly fee to gain access to a wide range of titles, EA’s ‘On The House’ feature instead gives players the opportunity to download and play a free game every once in a while. Once you download the game, it is yours to keep forever, for free. All you need is an EA Origin account which takes seconds to set-up.

The last game in the Medal of Honor series was Medal of Honor: Warfighter which was released in 2013.


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