The Cycle Frontier: The Best Weapons to Use in Season 3

The Season 3 update for The Cycle: Frontier introduced a lot of changes. Most of them focused on adjustments to fulfill players’ requests for improving the overall quality of life and weapon balances.

In particular, the changes included weapon modifications that altered their performance, making them slightly or even drastically different than before. Defeating powerful enemies require a good loadout. So, in order to defeat Marauders, you’ll need the right weapon.

With that in mind, let’s look at an updated weapons tier list to see which are the best weapons to use currently.

Update Weapons Tier List for The Cycle: Frontier Season 3

The current patch of the game features a total of 25 weapons that you can choose from. Each of them has a unique style and leverage compared to other guns. However, some weapons are just arguably better than others.

We’ll be placing each gun into six different categories and ranking them based on their efficiency and power.

Let’s start off with the S-tier weapons. In this category, we have Asp Flechette Gun, Hammer, KBR Longshot, and KOR-47. Meanwhile, those in the A-tier include Shattergun, ICA Guarantee, Gorgon, and Voltaic Brute.

On the slightly lower B-tier, you have Advocate, Phasic Lancer, Lacerator, C-32 Bolt Action, Bulldog, PKR Maelstrom, Manticore, and Kinetic Arbiter. Then there are the C-tier weapons which include S-576 PDW, AR-55 Autorifle, KM-9 Scrapper, and Basilisk.

As for D-tier, we have B9 Trenchgun and Scarab. Lastly, there’s the E-tier which includes K-28, KARMA-1, and Zeus Beam.

The Best Weapons to Use for Season 3

Given that the ASP Flechette Gun is an epic rarity weapon, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the best weapons you can use in the game currently. It features less recoil with a high fire rate which are all the good qualities you need in a gun.

Aside from that, the Flechette supports eight different attachments namely optics, magazine, stock, muzzle, ammo converter, foregrip, rear grip, and tactical.

Another good thing about this gun is that it is a lot cheaper than other powerful guns. Then there’s the fact that you can easily unlock it.

However, if you don’t like the Flechette for some reason, there are also other powerful guns that you can use. Here are some examples:


The next best weapon you’d want to use is the Hammer. This is an exotic rarity weapon with a slow fire rate but a high weak spot multiplier. This feature allows you to easily adjust your playstyle and be more precise and accurate with your shots.

It supports five different attachments for magazines, muzzle, ammo converter, rear grip, and tactical flashlight.

KBR Longshot

Another powerful weapon worth using this season is the KBR Longshot which is basically a sniper rifle. If you’re the type of player who doesn’t usually die while using a DMR, this gun will be the best option for you. This is also an epic rarity weapon which makes it a little bit difficult to obtain.

You can also partner your KBR Longshot with a Flechette, making you a threat to enemies, especially if you have purple armor.

To achieve optimal state, you want to add 8 attachments to this weapon. These are for optics, magazines, stock, muzzle, ammo converter, foregrip, rear grip, and tactical flashlight.

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