The Year of Games: What Launches to Look Out for and How to Prepare

The gaming world is set to expand this year with exciting new releases ready to launch. From delayed games finally ready for the market to long-awaited remakes, fans are eager to pick up their controllers once again and dive into the new realms waiting to be explored.

Gaming is an industry that has been an unstoppable force in recent years. Despite gaming being a booming industry globally, Africa seems to be the one that is beginning to dominate the gaming market. With the timeline and potential dates being released for gaming launches this year, the world of gaming in 2023 is gearing up to be an iconic year.

Ready, player one? If so, here are some of the most exciting launches to look out for and how to prepare.


Wait Is Almost Over

Having faced two years of delays, the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy finally has a release date. PS5, XSX|S, and PC gamers get to enjoy the game from the 10th of February, whilst PS4 and X1 gamers have to wait till the 4th of April and Switch users the 25th of July.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to create a student enrolled at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they can choose their house and complete quests with peers. Fans of the iconic series will be excited to finally try their hand at a game of Wizard’s Chess, Gobstones, and of course, Quidditch.


Pass the Time Between Releases

Of course, in the time spent waiting for a new game to be released, gamers will likely be diving into the worlds created in the latest games available on the market. This helps them to pass the time between releases, keeping themselves occupied and eager for the next launch.

There are plenty of choices available. However, it could be worth heading to Jackpot Casino to see the latest news and updates from the online gambling world. There might be a game that captures your interest that can help you to pass the time and possibly allow you to win a profit; a profit that could be used to help towards purchasing the next release.


Third Time’s a Charm

Preparing to launch its third instalment in the beloved franchise is Company of Heroes 3, the WWII-themed game. Combining strategic gaming with detailed battlefields, Company of Heroes offers gamers the chance to complete a campaign, which entails they lead their army into battle to complete various missions along the way.

Although real-time gaming (RTG) is considered one of the most popular forms of PC gaming, some developers have tried to transfer their RTG games onto other devices. Some might be successful. However, not all have the desired outcome. With Company of Heroes, the game has seamlessly transitioned from PC to mobile devices, meaning that players can continue enjoying the game even if they don’t have their PC on-hand. The third instalment of Company of Heroes is set to be released later in February, and fans are excited to see where this next campaign will take them.


Consider Console Choices

A common trend all gamers know too well is staggered release dates with consoles and console exclusivity. The latest gaming consoles and PC will likely have the earliest release date for a new game. Users of older consoles will have to wait a touch longer till the game is released on their consoles. With console exclusivity, for example, certain games will only be available on one console. Take any game from the Super Mario franchise. From Super Mario Bros. to Mario Kart and Mario Party, these games from this iconic franchise are only available on Nintendo consoles.

With release dates being confirmed, it could be worth deciding if this year is the time to upgrade your consoles or broaden your collection. If there are games that you want to play that are exclusive to a different make of console, consider investing in another console if you can afford it and know you will use it. Look at the list of what games will be exclusive to your console of choice. It could help you with your decision.


Back for More Adventures

Anticipated to be this year’s biggest launch is the return of Assassin’s Creed. The past couple of games have ventured into the action role-playing territory, slightly moving away from the stealth-action foundations that won over countless fans when the series initially launched. However, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is set to return to the game’s roots and enable gamers to enjoy the stealth-action foundations they adored back in 2007.

Set 20 years before the events of Valhalla, Mirage is expected to feature some of the favourite elements of the game that has continuously won over a legion of fans with each release. All fans have to do now is sit and wait for the release date to be confirmed.


Get Ready to Play

As you can see, the year is shaping up to be an exciting time in the gaming world. Whether you are new to gaming or a seasoned enthusiast, playing one or more of the games to be released will keep you entertained. With your consoles of choice at the ready and controllers in your hands, prepare yourself for what will likely be another epic year of gaming.

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