The Controller People’s TCP Pro PS5 Controller Review

In the magical world of competitive gaming, players are always looking for that edge above the competition. Whether you’re playing mouse and keyboard or controller, having a more finely tuned control scheme can make all the difference between winning and losing. With controllers, since there are so many different types and styles to choose from out there, it can be overwhelming, and there may not be a try before you buy policy attached. Pads can be too big and bulky or too small and featureless. Well, it is like the gods have shone on me, and I deliver to you The Controller People. These guys reached out to me out of the blue to offer a product for us to review. I knew nothing about them, and I questioned their legitimacy at first. Looking them up though, I saw their beautifully designed website and saw that they only offer custom PlayStation 5 controllers, so sorry Xbox owners, this time you’re out.

When the controller they sent hit up my postbox, I was flabbergasted at what I received. It was just a plain old PS5 Dual Sense controller, black in colour. Picking it up and holding it in my hands, I instantly felt the difference. The controller itself is of the same size and feel of the original Dual Sense controllers packaged with the PS5 console. Looking at it, nothing is unusual. All the buttons and triggers are in the same place and feel the same as a regular Dual Sense controller. Once I turned the controller over onto its front though, I instantly noticed the paddles attached just inside the palm grips. Whilst nothing like the flat, discreet paddles found in more conventional customisable controllers, these don’t want you to forget they are there. They protrude more than any other paddle I have ever used but are much thinner, like small drinking straws. The paddles are cylindrical but have a flat edge on the inside, perfectly lined up with the middle finger of the average sized hand.

The paddles are wonderful to use and easy to ignore if you don’t need them. I have used controllers in which the paddles were in such a position that they were too easy to press accidentally, and in some others they needed too much pressure to press, which became an inconvenience. The Controller People have eliminated both of these aspects in one fell swoop with their design of paddles, and I love it. I can now jump and shoot simultaneously during intense Call of Duty multiplayer matches more easily or keep my fingers and thumbs free whilst accelerating during Gran Turismo 7 races. The paddles can be programmed to activate the function of any button too. All that is needed is to hold down the paddle and the button with the intended function you want for 20 seconds and done. So easy.

The controller came packaged with 6 changeable thumb-sticks. These can easily be pulled off from the controller and your required one popped back on. No tools required here. Each thumb-stick is varied in length and has convex and concave designed thumbs to cater for every gamer.

The one downside though is a biggie. The Dual Sense function that was one of the main selling points of the PS5 is removed completely. With their TCP Pro model, the vibration motors are completely removed; however, with the more expensive TCP Ultimate model, it’s all there intact, you get nice grips and an individual D-pad too.

On The Controller People’s website, you can design your very own custom PS5 controller. Using a rich palette of colours to choose from, you can completely design a unique controller fit for your taste. Have the front shell red and the back shell blue, the thumb-sticks green, the PS button black, Options button purple and the triggers pink to create some funky unorthodox designs.

The Controller People have designed a pro controller that not only doesn’t feel intrusive, it also just feels like a more enhanced version of the standard PS5 Dual Sense that we have grown to know and love. The paddles feel fantastic and never annoy, and the customisable thumb-sticks are a really nice touch. I can’t recommend this controller enough, especially if other pro controllers feel too big and bulky.

Developer: The Controller People

Manufacturer: The Controller People

RRP: £137.50

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