All Elite Wrestling Announce AEW Games

Ever since their creation back in 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) have made it clear they will go toe to toe with the WWE in every aspect. Today, they have just taken the first steps into trying to wrestle the video game crown away from WWE’s near on monopoly of the video game wrestling world by announcing AEW Games.

Announced at the AEW Games Special Event yesterday (Tuesday, 10th November), which was live on YouTube and presented by AEW EVP Kenny Omega, the company announced they have not one, not two, but three games currently in development!

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega square off in the trailer for the yet untitled AEW game

Kenny Omega, who is a huge video game fan himself, will apparently be working closely with AEW Games, where he says he has been helping to develop the video game that wrestling fans want. We were then treated to a quick one-minute trailer for the upcoming main event of their video game releases: a console game made by Yukes (yep, that Yukes who used to make WWE’s games up until 2019), where the game showcases Kenny, wrestling legend Chris Jericho, and current AEW woman’s champion Hikaru Shida.

Kenny Omega also announced during this Special Event that wrestling video game icon Hideyuki Iwashita will be involved in the project. If you’re not familiar with who Hideyuki is, he was the director of arguably the most loved and greatest wrestling game of all time: WWF No Mercy. Omega goes on to say that the yet-untitled AEW game will be easy to pick up but difficult to master.

Two mobile games were also announced by AEW: Double or Nothing: Casino and a General Manager game. Double or Nothing: Casino is perhaps the least interesting of the three as it will be a casino game with AEW themes. The General Manager title, however, could be incredibly interesting. It will allow fans to book matches, run shows, generate cash, win over new fans and everything else you could imagine a wrestling General Manager doing. These types of games are nothing new, WWE used to include GM mode in the mid-2000 SmackDown! vs Raw games, and there is also the incredibly in-depth and much loved TEW series.

Even though we are at the very early stages with AEW Games, it is incredibly exciting, and we cannot wait to see what the company can produce.

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