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Razer Kraken – Stormtrooper™ Edition Headset Review

What better way to sell your products than to splash the colours and emblems of one of the most beloved franchises in TV and film, right? Whether you’re a supporter of the Light Side or the Dark Side, the Razer Kraken – Stormtrooper™ Edition is a sure-fire hit with Star Wars fans worldwide. Not just because of the design and artwork, but the headset itself is an absolute beast and an ideal choice by Razer to be the headset that bares the mark of the most famous and recognizable bad guys in any medium.

The Razer Kraken comes beautifully packaged in the usual super high standard Razer has become known for, the trademark green being substituted to the Stormtroopers colour of white with the Star Wars logo visible on the front. Opening the box grants you with the view of the headset itself cradled inside.

The headset is a wired headset that has a 3.5mm headphone plug attached via a long high-quality cable. Embedded in the cable is a small control unit that has the mute switch and volume controls on it, as well as the Razer written on the back. On the side of the ear cups is where the main artwork is in the form of the Stormtrooper helmet with the black grill around it. The head band, which sits on the top of your head, has the Star Wars logo spanning across it and the words “Storm Trooper” on the edges. It’s a beautifully designed headset that oozes high quality on all sides, and I didn’t expect anything less from Razer. It’s clear that any special edition that they create, they are going to be premium quality, just look at their Quartz range of products.

So, the important bit: How does it feel and sound? Well, thanks to the thick leather cushions on each ear cup, my 35-year-old male large ears fit inside them comfortably, and the headband never hurt or irritated me at all during long play sessions. The headset is armed with 50mm drivers and impressively sports 7.1 surround sound, but only if you use the Kraken on a Windows 10 PC, though even on a console, the sound quality was just as impressive. Sounds still came from around me; however, the absence of the 7.1 surround feature is obvious, instead giving a high-quality stereo sound. The drivers allow the highest highs and lowest bass sounds to easily make their way through, meaning the booms and hisses are never buried beneath one another. Playing games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Battlefield V with the Kraken will give you an advantage over the competition as enemy movement is crystal clear. It’s also ideal for battle royale games, like PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds or Apex Legends, a headset is essential and the Kraken is perfect to identify threats audibly.

On the front of the left ear cup, the cylindrical mic pokes out an inch, which can be pulled out and positioned wherever you prefer it. The mic quality is excellent. My team members heard my every word, and giving the headset to someone else to use so that I could hear the quality myself, I was impressed with what I heard. It was identical to modern phones; the sound wasn’t muffled in any way, and the high “S” sounds can be heard nicely.

So, the Razer Kraken is a superb choice for a headset. Sure, you don’t get the 7.1 surround capability if using this with a console, but the stereo sound is very high quality, which is essential in competitive gaming. What’s more is that this headset is a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. The design and artwork, which is on all sides of the Kraken, is awesome, whether you’re a fan of Stormtroopers or not.

Designer: Razer

Manufacturer: Razer

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

RRP: £109.99

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